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News for Banksy

The revolution will be stencilised: 'Thailand's Banksy' won't back down
The Thai political street artist who goes by the name "Headache Stencil" prefers to keep his true identity anonymous, but he is pretty sure that authorities know where to find him.

Banksy auctions refugee paintings for £2.2m to aid Bethlehem hospital
A trio of Banksy paintings has sold for more than £2.2m ($2.9m) at an auction in London, with the proceeds being donated to a hospital in Bethlehem. The triptych Mediterranean Sea View 2017 went under ...

Banksy triptych raises $3 million for Palestinian hospital
A triptych of a Mediterranean shipwreck donated by British street artist Banksy raised nearly $3 million on Tuesday at a Sotheby's auction held to raise funds for a Palestinian hospital in the West ...

Banksy auctions painting to aid Bethlehem hospital
A trio of Banksy paintings will be auctioned in London on Tuesday with the estimated £1.2m proceeds being donated to a hospital in Bethlehem.The triptych Mediterranean Sea View 2017 will go under the ...

Banksy to sell paintings to raise $1 million for a Bethlehem hospital
The trio of paintings is Banksy's critical response to the ongoing refugee crisis. They are titled "Mediterranean Sea View 2017." ...

Secret Graffiti Artist ‘Banksy’ Auctions Three Paintings For Children’s Hospital in Bethlehem, Artworks Fetch £2.2 Million
Britain's reclusive street artist who is known by the pseudo-name 'Banksy' sells three of his paintings for almost double the estimated figure, grosses £2.2 million to donate at Bethlehem Arab Society ...

Banksy Is Selling Three Paintings About the Refugee Crisis to Raise More Than $1 Million for a Bethlehem Hospital
Banksy is auctioning a trio of refugee-themed paintings based on 19th-century seascapes at Sotheby's to benefit a Bethlehem hospital.

Banksy donated a triptych to a Sotheby’s auction to raise funds for a Bethlehem hospital.
The secretive artist’s 2017 painting, featuring life vests and buoys strewn on a sea shore, was previously on view at his Walled Off Hotel.

Banksy paintings sell at auction, raise $2.9 million for Palestinian hospital
Three Banksy paintings have been sold at auction for $2.9 million, with proceeds earmarked for a Palestinian hospital. The lot, titled “Mediterranean Sea View 2017,” comprises three reworked oil ...

Sotheby's Hold Virtual Sale of Art From Rembrandt to Banksy
In this Thursday, July 23, 2020 a Sotheby's employee adjusts a painting by Rembrandt, entitled 'Self-portrait, wearing a ruff and black hat' at Sotheby's auction rooms in London. The auction house ...

Art for Your Home: James Jean Print, Banksy Photography Book & More
James Jean unveils a new limited edition print called The Golden Passage, Banksy releases a 248-page book covering his entire street art career, Virgil Abloh and DGK team up for an artful skate deck ...

Three Banksy paintings raise $2.9 million at auction for Palestinian hospital
Three Banksy paintings have been sold at auction for $2.9 million, with proceeds earmarked for a Palestinian hospital.