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News for Barbie

How a Barbie Polaroid Camera Is Helping Me Shelter in Place
Remember 1999? SpongeBob SquarePants premiered for the first time. President Bill Clinton was impeached and acquitted. And, of course, Polaroid released its iconic Barbie camera! It was truly a time ...

Barbie and Fisher-Price Fabric Donated to Make Coronavirus Face Masks
Price are working together to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, with a little help from an iconic plastic fashion doll ...

Barbie And The Diamond Castle
Barbie and the Diamond Castle is a 2008 direct-to-video computer-animated musical film and the 13th entry in the Barbie film series. The film features the voice of Kelly Sheridan as Barbie. It is the ...

Mother-of-two transforms her beige home into a Barbie dream house
Rachael Havenhand, 28, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, said it is 'impossible to feel miserable' when living in her brightly-painted home which she's decked out with her own art works.

South Dakota Greeted To A Barbie Length Of Snow
This Barbie doll was seen chilling out under 9 inches of snow in Rapid City, South Dakota, on April 2. She’s not dressed for the weather though.

UK designer turns her family’s home into colorful Barbie Dreamhouse
An enterprising UK interior designer demonstrated remarkable ingenuity after single-handedly converting her “boring” beige home into a “wacky and wonderful” Barbie Dreamhouse with a bright pink and ...

Play Uno Online, Color Barbie Pages, and More on Mattel's Free "Playroom" Site
Mattel's new Playroom site features tons of free games and activities for kids, many themed with favorite characters like Barbie and Thomas.

Masika Kalysha Refuses To Cancel Her Daughter’s 4th Birthday Party— See Khari Barbie’s Quarantine-Approved Tea Party!
“Here's a peek at Khari Barbie’s Quarantine tea party. How did I do,” she questioned. Going off the smiles of the birthday girl, we’d say the plan went without a hitch! Smiling from ear-to-ear Khari ...

Mattel using Barbie and Fisher-Price fabric to make face shields
And they're doing it using Barbie and Fisher-Price fabric. The masks will be distributed to hospitals and first responders later this week. Mattel and Fisher-Price are also prototyping personal ...

Aussie paralympian Madi de Rosario to inspire young girls after being immortalised as Barbie doll
Subscribe now and get unlimited access to award-winning journalism from Western Australia’s biggest newsroom and across the state. Enjoy premium digital access to thewest.com.au, our regional websites ...

Jak Roberto, Barbie Forteza mistaken as newlyweds during their Japan trip
Kapuso couple Jak Roberto and Barbie Forteza are back with another vlog which shows their fourth day in Japan. In the video, Jak and Barbie went to Niseko which is one of the top travel destinations ...

Kathryn Dennis Had a Pink, Barbie-Themed 6th Birthday for Kensie
Kathryn's first order of business was to turn her Charleston home into Barbie's dream house for the evening For the doll-inspired birthday bash, Kathryn herself channeled Barbie in a blush velvet wrap ...