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Lamm dressed them in some of the Lammily-specific outfits (Barbie clothes don’t fit them ... For kids, girls especially, Barbie accounts for a whole lot of those images. She’s got dolls, she’s got movies, she’s got apps. And, thanks to Lamm ...

The Male Waist Comes Back Into View
A lot of things manage to do that nowadays, true, but the male waist trend only seems like another step toward neutered androgyny. This is not a look that erases sex, but rather emphasizes it. A Barbie doll’s waist comes to a near V; so does Action Man ...

Frida Kahlo’s Barbie doll faces criticism for not resembling her
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More than a toy: Dolls are pieces of history, says Winnipeg collector
"A lot of dolls depict not only a fashion history but a socio-political history. Just take a look at Barbie — she's got far more roles to play now than she did when she came out in the '60s," Iverach said. "She was a fashion model then, now she's a ...

Janet Ellis: My life in crafting – from Blue Peter to Kintsugi
“We moved around a lot too so I think that’s why we didn’t have ... “I used to make loads of dolls clothes because I really wanted a Barbie doll but I never had a Barbie. I had a doll that looked like a Barbie - a knock-off version - and I made ...

‘Human doll’ has eyelid surgery to make her appear more Caucasian – just like her style icon Barbie
on a blepharoplasty to try and resemble the iconic western-looking fashion doll. Ophelia says that she has now spent over $35,000 (£25,217) in total to achieve her doll-like appearance. She told Barcroft TV: “I just think that Barbie is very iconic.

Opening Ceremony Turns Disneyland Into an After-Hours Fashion Playhouse
Diplo, Laverne Cox, and more V.I.P.s turned out in Anaheim for a Mickey Mouse-themed fashion ... Barbie to play with.” “He’s a master at his craft, and every scene with him was almost like a master class,” said the 22-year-old. “He taught me a ...

See The Barbie Doll Inspired By ~National Treasure~ Bindi Irwin
Winter Olympian Chloe Kim and Spanish fashion designer Vicky Martin. TBH, Bindi's doll actually looks a lot like her, and she's pretty pumped about the whole thing. "I am honoured to be part of the Barbie family," she told the Herald-Sun. "It is so ...

Human Barbie has eye surgery to look ‘more Caucasian’
is half-Chinese by heritage - but spent $5,000 on a blepharoplasty to try and resemble the iconic western-looking fashion doll. The 30-year-old has now spent nearly $45,000 in total on achieving her doll-like appearance. “I just think that Barbie is very ...

Body positivity is a lifestyle
Today, the mainstream media and fashion glossies are used to promoting the idea of Barbie and Ken appearances ... Honestly, it's a solution to a lot of violence. If each of us practices body positivity sincerely, we will be a step closer to resolving ...