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News for Baseball Cards Packs

Baseball-card fever hits Cubs’ clubhouse
Outfielder Jake Marisnick helped introduce the hobby to his teammates, and guys now are gathering around as new boxes and packs are opened before games.

Collect baseball cards? You could be cashing in big bucks as trading booms
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Mike Trout's mint-condition MLB career makes him Topps in baseball card world
Mike Trout's contract with Topps trading cards isn't as big as his Angels deal, but it's a significant investment in a player once deemed unmarketable.

3 In Your Town: Collecting Cards
Collecting sports cards is big business once again. "We've been in business 28 years,” said Steve Wrate, owner of All Star Sports Cards on Highway 58. “We sell baseball cards, sports cards, football ...

Sports trading cards: Why 'blockbuster' cards have boomed in lockdown
To say business in the world of sports trading cards is booming would be an understatement. Twice in 2021, people have shelled out £3.75m for what - when all is said and done - are single rectangular ...

Marisnick brought fun pregame hobby to Cubs clubhouse
Cubs outfielder Jake Marisnick, who left Sunday's game with a right hamstring strain, has made an impact on and off the field.

Sports cards industry red-hot but bubble watch is on | Opinion
In the height of the novel coronavirus pandemic — the spring of 2020 — ESPN pushed up the release of its multi-episode documentary of the Bulls and Michael Jordan, “The ...

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Hartford Yard Goats opening day | Baseball is back in the capital city!
After 621 days away from the diamond, Hartford Yard Goats take to the field, and 200 employees are getting back to work for the first home opener of the season.