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News for Battle Axe

The battle royale bandwagon: where is the genre heading?
It’s this process of taking an axe to certain aspects of the battle royale genre, be they long wait times, having to remember loads of stats, or just having a very impersonal experience, that I see all of these devs engaged in. Whether or not they’re ...

Axe.io Guide – Game Modes, Leveling Up, Shield Defense, Combat (Tips And Tricks)
These coins are dropped by enemy characters and cannot be picked during battle. A higher level, as discussed above, will help you gain new abilities like the close ranged axe throw, picking up shields and even new weapons like the explosive axe.

In west Lincoln, gates swing shut for good on ax-throwing Norse club
He opened the club in December as a venue for Norse enthusiasts, offering four ax-throwing lanes, a forge and blacksmith’s shop for making weapons and armor, a battle ring and scheduled classes on herbal medicine and mead-making. At the time, Valhalla ...

The Battle of Britain on a smaller scale
The re-enactment is being filmed from the perspective of the pilots in the three-part Channel 4 series Battle of Britain: Model Squadron and is part of the RAF centenary celebrations. Council axes holiday park’s £1.5m log cabins The owner of a holiday ...

Archaeologists unearth evidence of strange bone ritual after Iron Age battle in Denmark
It is suggested that most of those who died had very little previous fighting experience, as they did not have any scars from previous sharp force trauma — cuts and blows from weapons like lances, swords or axes. After the battle, victims' corpses were ...

2,000 years ago in Denmark, a fierce battle left dozens dead
Based on radiocarbon dating of the bones (mostly collagen from lower jaws), the battle at Alken Enge happened at around ... fragments of swords and shields, an axe, and some iron knives—are all clearly Germanic. The metal they were made of came from ...

An up-close look at Netmarble’s Iron Throne: Dimensional Battle & Town Quest mode
Throughout each battle, you’ll learn how to utilise your Heroes. Choose one of these warriors to lead your troops into war, and you’ll benefit from their unique fighting skills. There’s Maria Castillo, a fearless knight; Haral Ivarson, an axe ...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s to have battle royale, drops single-player campaign
We’ll see if this new mode will help push the battle royale genre forward ... that means the single-player campaign mode is getting the ax. For those who were turned off by wall-running and boosted jumps in the previous game, the new title will be ...

Terrifying homemade medieval axe man swung around to try and stop police
The weapon which was swung at police had an axe head and spikes at the top (Picture ... It would not have looked out of place in some medieval battle. ‘The court will protect the police. They are public servants and they were terrified by this.’

The Battle of Arnhem wasn’t doomed from the start. It might even have been a risk worth taking
The Supreme Commander, General Dwight Eisenhower, no doubt conscious of the need to maintain Allied harmony, decided not to favour either general but instead adopt a strategy of a broad advance on both the northern and eastern axes, to the frustration of ...