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News for Bauer

Max Scherzer helps union take step forward after Trevor Bauer, Blake Snell set it back
Blake Snell and Trevor Bauer have been examples A and B of what the union does not want to do during tenuous negotiations with Major League Baseball. Public sentiment will not leak over to the players ...

Trevor Bauer to MLB agent Scott Boras: 'Keep your damn personal agenda out of union business'
As MLB and the players union are in the midst of an economic dispute, Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer had some choice words for veteran agent Scott Boras.

Trevor Bauer calls out Scott Boras, tells agent to keep 'personal agenda' out of MLBPA, MLB negotiations
Here's what Reds right-hander Trevor Bauer on Tuesday tweeted about super-agent Scott Boras: "Hearing a LOT of rumors about a certain player agent meddling in MLBPA affairs. If true — and at this ...

Trevor Bauer calls out Scott Boras for allegedly 'meddling' in MLB, union discussions
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer called out Scott Boras in a tweet posted Wednesday, alleging that the baseball super agent MLBPA affairs in order to push his “personal agenda.” At least that’s ...

'Ok Boomer': Current Red Trevor Bauer gets into Twitter argument with former Red Kyle Lohse
A day after calling out agent Scott Boras on Twitter Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer has found a new person to argue with. This time former Reds pitcher Kyle Lohse.

Trevor Bauer Criticizes Scott Boras for 'Meddling' in Players' Union Affairs
Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer took to Twitter to call out super agent Scott Boras for "meddling in MLBPA affairs." ...

Trevor Bauer Calls out Scott Boras over Rumors of 'Meddling' in MLBPA Affairs
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer ripped into Scott Boras on Wednesday, calling the agent out over rumors he is meddling in MLBPA negotiations with Major League ...

MLB rumors: Reds’ Trevor Bauer in Twitter war with ex-Phillie over baseball’s labor issues
Cincinnati Reds right-hander Trevor Bauer never holds back on social media. His latest feud is with former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Lohse.

Trevor Bauer-Kyle Lohse’s MLB labor feud takes wild turn: ‘Sexist’
MLB players’ unhappiness with the latest salary proposal from the game’s owners, and how they have handled themselves in the process, are now pitting pitchers of different eras against each other ...

Trevor Bauer gets into it with ex-pitcher Kyle Lohse on Twitter
Trevor Bauer has never been one to back down from a social media spat, and former MLB pitcher Kyle Lohse experienced that first hand on Thursday when he engaged in a heated exchange with the ...

Democrats Bailey, Bauer compete in SC House bid to take on Republican Kirkman Finlay
The Democratic race in South Carolina’s 75th House District features one candidate who is a newcomer and one candidate who has been involved in Democratic politics for 20 years.

Joy Bauer makes healthy, show-stopping sides for your next cookout
Joy Bauer celebrates the start of summer with healthy Southwestern corn salad and spicy pineapple-avocado salsa.