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Justin Fields has one Chicago Bears receiver all smiles
Ohio State fans fell in love with Justin Fields the moment he first slid into that scarlet and gray uniform almost two years ago. No one knew quite what to expect, but once fans witnessed what he ...

Bears rookie QB Justin Fields can learn from Andy Dalton without becoming him
The high end of Fields’ potential is far greater than what Dalton’s done throughout his career. But Dalton can still be a great tutor during Fields’ rookie season.

Here's what Bears coaches, players have said about Justin Fields
Justin Fields’ coaches and teammates have praised the Bears’ rookie quarterback for his accuracy, leadership and confidence.

Biggest heat wave of the year bears down on California, West
The looming triple-digit temperatures will likely exacerbate the lack of moisture as well as increase fire risks.

Bears rookie QB Justin Fields received a thrilling ovation at Cubs game
Justin Fields hasn’t even taken a snap for the Bears, but he’s already arguably Chicago’s biggest star right now.

Former Chicago Bears OL Kyle Long suffers a knee injury during his comeback attempt with the Kansas City Chiefs
The offensive line that the Kansas City Chiefs aggressively overhauled this offseason has taken a hit with a knee injury to veteran Kyle Long during voluntary workouts that could require surgery and ...

Bears' Justin Fields signs rookie contract, then gets massive ovation at Wrigley Field
Thirty-five years to the day after "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" premiered, Justin Fields enjoyed a Chicago afternoon that even Bueller would be jealous of. It started with the Bears ' rookie quarterback ...

Cal Swimming: Thirty-One Golden Bears Set For U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha
Three-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy, 25, hopes the eight-day meet will position him to extend the United States’ decades-long dominance in the 100- and 200-meter backstroke at the Games. He ...

Chicago Bears: Players indecisive about COVID vaccine - Chicago Tribune
A layer of COVID-19 complexity is lurking around the Chicago Bears and the rest of the NFL with the quest to get players vaccinated before training camps begin next month drags on. Despite an emphatic ...

Researchers track bears' movements in Mississippi
In this case, the “hunters” were researchers from Mississippi State University involved in a regional project tracking the animals’ movements in Mississippi, with Amite County being one of their new ...

Bears QB Justin Fields tries to ‘rip your heart out’ with deep ball
The Bears considered the deep ball one of Fields’ greatest strengths when they traded up to draft him No. 11 overall in late April.

Bears' Darnell Mooney says Justin Fields' deep ball caused him to smile mid-route: 'It's a beautiful ball'
Fields' new teammates are getting their first look at the two-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year in OTAs, and his deep ball has impressed the wide receivers early on. "It's a beautiful ball, ...