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The Beatles in India: Recollections at the opening of a Liverpool exhibition
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with members of the Beatles at his academy in India, March 1968. Getty Fifty years ago, between 16 and 19 February 1968, the four Beatles and their partners flew to India to learn about meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

How the Beatles in India Changed America
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with members of the Beatles and other famous followers. Credit: Smashing Pumpkins Detail Reunion Tour (Jon) (GL-photo IN) https://edit.wennermedia.com/content/article/516780 On a February morning in 1967, George Harrison's wife ...

The “karmic connection” between The Beatles’ George Harrison and Ravi Shankar
There is no easy explanation for such vastly dissimilar people as George (Harrison) and Ravi Shankar instantly connecting with each other, almost as if their relationship was preordained. Their family backgrounds were completely different. The Beatle was ...

The Beatles Story #1
The original long-lost Beatles graphic novel! This was the very first graphic novel to chart the creation, evolution and break-up of the fab four, first published in 1981. The BeatlesStory is an exceptionally drawn account of the band from one of the UK's ...

MAX HASTINGS: Well done, Mrs May. It's absurd for the state to fund degrees in circuses, surfing and The Beatles
Rejoice. The Prime Minister has got something important absolutely right. In a speech yesterday, Theresa May denounced the colossal racket of across-the-board maximum university fees. There is to be a year-long independent review of higher education funding.

Nick Jonas Covered The Beatles For Valentine's Day Treat
Nick Jonas wears a tan coat while leaving Craig’s Restaurant on Saturday night (February 17) in West Hollywood, Calif. Earlier in the week, the 25-year-old actor and musician shared a video of himself covering one of his favorite love songs for Valentine ...

55 Years Ago: The Beatles Get Their First No. 1 … Or Do They?
When Beatlemania took hold across Britain in 1963, the country’s media struggled with the reason for their rampant popularity. Was it their hair, their looks, their humor, or – perish the thought – their rambunctious brand of rock ’n’ roll?

Beatles tribute band takes audience back in time
They can wear the clothing, play the music, but few Beatles tribute bands sound like actual Liverpudlians. “There’s no script and we’re from Liverpool and we believe people want to hear the Liverpool humor as it was then because it’s how it is ...

Muscle Shoals Meets the Beatles concert set for Saturday
FLORENCE — The Muscle Shoals Meets the Beatles concert event is set for Saturday at the Marriott Shoals Conference Center. It benefits The Healing Place in Muscle Shoals and Room in the Inn, Florence. The concert for the two non-profit entities pays ...

Passim School of Music to host Beatles workshop
The Passim School of Music, 26 Church St., Cambridge, will host “The Music of The Beatles” led by Kathleen Parks from noon to 2 p.m. Feb. 24 as a part of its Winter Workshop Weekend. Participants will take a close look at The Beatles, including song ...