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If we ever needed someone for an epic karaoke night, we know just who to call. Not only does YouTuber Brian Esposito have an amazing voice, but he single-handedly nails all of the vocal parts to Beauty and the Beast's "Little Town (Belle's Song).

Theatre review: The Arts Club's sparkling Beauty and the Beast a worthy tribute
The Disneyfication of the planet took another leap forward this week with the news that Disney has purchased the film and TV assets of 20th Century Fox. For decades the Disney Corp. has been co-opting the great fairy tales, but in the case of Beauty and ...

Jonah Platt on channeling his inner Beast for a holiday Beauty
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There's a Reason This Beauty and the Beast Liquid Lipstick Is SO Popular
Do you ever see a beauty product that stops you in your tracks and think, "I won't rest until that's mine"? Well, we had the exact experience after spotting this Beauty and the Beast-inspired lipstick trio from BoxLunch, and apparently so did the rest of ...

Here’s your last chance to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Annie’ in Macon
The holiday season is a great time to enjoy a stage production. Here’s a sampling of performances this weekend. This is the final weekend of Theatre Macon’s production of the Broadway musical “Beauty and the Beast,” which has been running all month.

Beauty and the Beast for Adults
Sally Hawkins steals a film without saying a word in the mysterious “The Shape of Water.” The voice of Sally Hawkins is appealingly clear. Just last year she hummed and muttered her way through the overlooked indy Maude. So seeing this English actress ...

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How to get your hands on this Beauty and the Beast collection - and do a good deed! It's pretty obvious that 2017 has been a big year for Beauty and the Beast fans - whether you loved the live action movie or have been a long-time devotee of the original ...

An aquatic beauty and the beast
There’s nothing like a good fairy tale, especially one with teeth — and Mexican writer/producer/director Guillermo del Toro has plenty of teeth to go around. Not to mention lovers, monsters and the overwhelming power stories have to connect. The Shape ...

Dan Stevens Without CGI In Beauty And The Beast Footage Is Something You Can't Unsee
http://bit.ly/2qXDzBG More Celebrity News http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews If you saw the live action of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson, you may be wondering how she filmed those scenes with the Beast if he was created using CGI. Well prepare ...