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Watch Beck's 'Fix Me' Video Starring Instagram-Famous Poodles
Clip stars beloved Instagram baby Mame, poodles Riku, Gaku and Qoo The Brook Linder-directed clip was shot in Yamagata, Japan and features simple yet serene shots of Mame and her pups dressing up in costumes, playing with toys, reading books, taking lots ...

VIDEO: Official Trailer Released for Musical Film BECKS Starring Lena Hall
Inspired by the real life of singer/songwriter Alyssa Robbins, the film follows a Brooklyn musician named Becks (Lena Hall) who, after a crushing breakup with her girlfriend, moves back in with her Midwestern mother (Christine Lahti). As she navigates her ...

Beck’s Midnite Vultures (in 4 Minutes) | Liner Notes
When Midnite Vultures was released at the tail end of 1999, fans and critics were confused whether the album was serious or a farce–was it a genuinely immersive genre exercise, or just an elaborate hipster joke? Either way, Beck managed to turn his idea ...

Check out Beck’s pooch-filled video for ‘Fix Me’
Beck has unveiled the sweet, poodle-filled video for ‘Colors’ track ‘Fix Me’ – check it out below. Shot in Japan, the visuals for ‘Fix Me’ feature baby Mame and her three poodle pals, Riku, Gaku and Qoo. The pups and their owner previously ...

Watch Beck’s “Fix Me” Video, Starring Baby Mame and Her Adorable Poodles
Beck has just released the music video for his single “Fix Me,” the closing song off his latest album Colors, out now on Capitol Records. The video brings us into the whimsical world of Baby Mame and her adorable poodles Riku, Gaku and Qoo (follow them ...

Beck’s New 'Fix Me' Video Stars Adorable Toddler, Poodles
Beck has shared a new music video for his Colors song “Fix Me.“ It stars four adorable Instagram celebrities: Mame and her pet poodles Qoo, Riku, and Gaku. The visual is set in Yamagata, Japan. In a statement, director Brook Linder said, “There’s ...

Howard Beck's NBA Spotlight: Time for the Grizzlies to Trade Marc Gasol
Marc Gasol has been a staple point of the Memphis Grizzlies for almost a decade. The franchise center has seen former teammates come and go over the years. Despite the team's early on struggles, Gasol continues to embrace the city's grit and grind mentality.

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I'm Jonah Beck. Since my wee childhood, I've been a lover of games. Today, gaming is reaching new heights through various media platform and initiatives. Through live streams and gargantuan Esports competitions, we are consuming gaming entertainment as ...

Beck - Fix Me Video
If there is a cuter video than Beck's new release for 'Fix Me', then we really want to know. It's doubtful though; what can be more adorable than some super fluffy pooches and a tiny child spending every minute of their lives together? The video stars ...

Watch: Beck's brilliant new video for 'Fix Me' has both a cute toddler and several amazing dogs
Dog-loving music fans are being spoilt for choice of late. Not only does Hudson Taylor's video for their new single 'Run With Me' feature a number of adorable pooches, but now Beck has unveiled the video for the latest track to be lifted from 'Colors'.