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Here's How to Get Our Meal Plan for Losing Belly Fat and Sculpting a 6-Pack
There's something you should know about sculpting the six-pack of your dreams: Eating right is a huge part of it. That's why Men's Health developed Eat for Abs, a comprehensive guide to losing ...

Eating Habits To Avoid If You Want a Flat Belly, Say Experts
Here are some eating habits you'll definitely want to avoid if you're trying to achieve—or maintain—a flat belly.

Biscuit Belly Debuts New Store in Evansville, Indiana
Biscuit Belly, a Louisville based, Southern-inspired fast casual concept specializing in gourmet biscuit sandwiches, opened its newest location in Evansville at 945 N. Burkhardt Rd. on July 21. The ...

Broncos reach contract agreement with "The Belly"
Quinn Meinerz was the team's third-round draft pick out of Division III Wisconsin-Whitewater. The center-guard prospect will receive an $840,616 signing bonus.

Camila Cabello bares her ‘belly’ in viral video as she embraces ‘stretch marks and fat’
The 24-year-old singer initially felt uncertain about her appearance, but says she reminded herself, “Being at war with your body is so last season." ...

Kriti Sanon had '5-6 kgs heavy belly' for Mimi, film's director says: 'With 2 kgs, she was walking like a tomboy'
Mimi film director Laxman Utekar has said that Kriti Sanon had a '5-6 kgs heavy belly' made for Mimi. Kriti added that she wanted the five-kilo belly as she 'wanted to feel that weight'.

Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs So Much?
If you have a belly rub-loving dog, you know the drill. She immediately rolls on her back and exposes her belly, and you proceed to rub and scratch till her heart's content. Just like a good back ...

BTS: When V performed belly dance in Dubai and Jungkook cheered for him, watch
BTS members have travelled to various international locations courtesy of their international tours and variety shows. One of their trips was to Dubai, as part of their BTS 2016 Summer Package.

Our 'Eat for Abs' Meal Plan Will Help You Lose Belly Fat and Sculpt a 6-Pack
That's why Men's Health developed Eat for Abs, a comprehensive guide to losing unwanted belly fat and revealing the muscles underneath—and because you subscribe to Men's Health MVP, you get exclusive ...

Why a pregnant Kriti Sanon needed a 5 kg belly in Mimi: ‘She was walking around like a tomboy’
We made three different bellies for Mimi (referring to Kriti). Normally a baby is around 2-2.5 kgs, for Mimi we had to make a 5-6 kgs heavy belly because with 2 kgs, she was walking like a tomboy," ...

The Secret Oatmeal Trick For a Flat Belly, Says Dietitian
If you had to choose one breakfast food to eat every single morning for the rest of your life, consider oatmeal. While oatmeal may not sound as exciting as say a donut or a box of sugary cereal, it's ...

The Marshall Tucker Band excited to return to the Belly Up
After over a year of near silence, live music returns to San Diego this summer and one of the first bands to welcome an enthusiastic audience back are the veteran rockers who make up The Marshall ...