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News for Benchmade

Gateway Knives for Each Brand
I thought I’d focus on the 20 top brands. I’ll include a secondary choice at the end. The first brand up is Benchmade. Benchmade is already a brand known for higher-end knives, so it’s not likely a person’s first knife will ever be a Benchmade.

Industrial IoT startup MachineMetrics is out raising funding
Since MachineMetrics started selling its real-time analytics software to small- to medium-sized manufacturers in 2016, the company has accrued more than 50 customers, including SnapOn, Fastenal and BenchMade, Bither said. The company’s software connects ...

Benchmade Modern scores with Amazon Prime Day launch
SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon wasn’t the only furniture seller setting records on Prime Day. Online custom furniture shop Benchmade Modern launched a new partnership with the e-commerce giant on the July 11 promotion day and came away with a big win, too ...

SHOT Show 2018: Best New Knives
Plus, when you buy the latter, Benchmade makes a donation to Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. Win and win. $230; Benchmade The Bongo represents the next level up for the South African knifemaker. You still get a full-tang blade of Bohler N690 steel ...

Future Of Retail
If we compete among each other for market share, we’re fighting the wrong battle. “The e-tailers who sell the most casual furniture, like Amazon, BenchMade Modern, Wayfair, are tech companies that sell furniture. They’re heavily invested in tech and ...

Benchmade Triage Family
We all hate to think about what would happen if we were trapped in our vehicle in a car accident. But. What if? What would you do? The Triage folding pocketknife from Benchmade is an everyday carry and rescue knife that provides a trio of tools for your ...

Benchmade Knife Co.
Benchmade Knife Co. has been proudly manufacturing high-end cutting tools since 1987. Our knives and rescue hooks are the preferred tools of Fire Fighters, EMTs, Law Enforcement, and Military.Visit benchmade.com for more information.