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News for Bentley

Maci Bookout Defends Herself For Putting Son Bentley, 11, On ‘Very Strict Diet’ To Achieve Wrestling Dream
Maci Bookout took to Twitter following Tuesday night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ after fans criticized Maci for putting her son, Bentley, on a diet. In response, she assured fans ...

For a pot of gold, you could have this Bentley Mulliner Bacalar
You’re looking at the winning entry in an online competition Bentley held recently for colleagues and their families to design their own Mulliner Bacalar, a two-seat roadster of which only 12 will be ...

Maci Bookout Addresses Backlash After Putting 11-Year-Old Son Bentley on 'Strict' Diet
"Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout responded to backlash she received following Tuesday's new episode of the show, where she was seen focusing on son Bentley's weight. Explaining that wrestling has "been ...

Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout Responds to Backlash Over Son Bentley’s ‘Very Strict’ Wrestling Diet
Teen Mom OG's Maci Bookout spoke out about her 11-year-old son Bentley’s ‘very strict’ wrestling diet after facing backlash — read for more details ...

Maci & Ryan Slammed For Bentley’s Wrestling Weight Loss Reactions
"Teen Mom OG" fans had a mixed reaction to how Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards handled Bentley cutting weight for wrestling.

Teen Mom's Maci Bookout Speaks Out After Putting Son Bentley on a "Very Strict" Diet for Wrestling
Teen Mom star Maci Bookout explains how and why she is putting 11-year-old son Bentley on a strict diet as he explores his passion for wrestling ...

A rainbow-themed Bentley Mulliner Bacalar shows off the spectrum of colors
Bentley recently held an online competition for colleagues and their families to design a Bentley Mulliner Bacalar. The winner of that contest is the rainbow-themed car seen below. The rainbow ...

Maci Bookout: I Never ‘Convinced Bentley To Cut Weight’
Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout said she never convinced her 11-year-old son, Bentley, to lose weight for wrestling. On Tuesday night’s episode of the MTV reality show, the mother-of-three encouraged ...

Bentley's Mulliner Bacalar Looks Surprisingly Good In Skittles Getup
But those uses are as hypothetical as the paint job itself—that's right, this is merely a design study, Bentley's winner from an internal company design contest it recently hosted. Bentley's internal ...

‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Maci Bookout Asks Taylor To Start Having ‘The Talk’ With Bentley, 11
After Bentley revealed he had a girlfriend, during the May 19 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’, Maci urged Taylor to get a head start on ‘the talk’.

MC Lyte Teams With ‘Martin’ EP Bentley Kyle Evans For Scripted Rapper Sitcom ‘Partners In Rhyme’ On UMC
Trailblazing rapper MC Lyte is collaborating with Bentley Kyle Evans, executive producer of such popular comedies as Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show, for a new UMC scripted series titled ...

Bentley Tastes The Rainbow With Colorful Bacalar
This is a vehicle that Bentley could actually make if a client requests it. All of the colors come from the company's existing palette.