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News for Beyblade

Ep 10 Rise to Victory! Triumph Dragon!
Middle schooler Valt Aoi, with his Beyblade Valtryek, faces off against friends, classmates and rivals on his way to become the world's number one blader.

Sawblade Turned Beyblade Looks Painful To Tangle With
This “Beyblade” from [i did a thing] is anything but, however. The build begins with a circular saw blade over 1 foot in diameter, replete with many angry cutting teeth that alone portend ...

Ep 9 Is this a Dream?! Or is it a Nightmare?!
Middle schooler Valt Aoi, with his Beyblade Valtryek, faces off against friends, classmates and rivals on his way to become the world's number one blader.

10 Best Beyblade Beyblades Launchers
Please give an overall site rating: ...

Beyblade: Burst Evolution
A Champion is Crowned!: This is it. The chance to claim the title, make the world proud, and, perhaps, win back a long-lost friend. Suitable for children aged 8+. (S2 ...

ADK Emotions promotes new CEO
Shunichi Ogawa will head up the company’s overseas business division in New York, with an initial focus on expanding the Beyblade Burst franchise.

ADK Emotions NY Inc. Welcomes New President and CEO
7th April 2021 - ADK Emotions NY Inc., New York-based subsidiary of ADK Emotions, and licensors of the global franchise BEYBLADE BURST has named Shunichi Ogawa as its new President and CEO. Ogawa is a ...

Beyblade Burst's Nick premiere heralded by licensed products
31 Aug, 2017 - 09:53 AM IST | By indiantelevision.com Team NEW DELHI: OLX People has elevated Olive Sen as the head of product and marketing with immediate effect. He was previously the director ...

MIPTV Spotlight: ADK Emotions NY
The animated Beyblade Burst series continues to bring its characters and storylines to life with a relatable theme of sports, competition and the excitement of battle. “These central motifs ...

ADK Emotions NY Names New President & CEO
ADK Emotions NY, licensors of the global Beyblade Burst franchise, has appointed Shunichi Ogawa as its new president and CEO. Ogawa joined ADK in 2005, managing marketing and advertising ...