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News for Beyblade

Doggo parent calls their child a ‘Beyblade’ because of its zoomies. Watch
If you’re someone who enjoys watching videos of animals running around excitedly and playing on the regular, then this clip of a doggo zooming about like a Bayblade may be right up your alley. Posted ...

Let it rip: Bunbury beyblade club membership grows
Prepare to be transported to a world of nostalgia, with the launch of Beyblade Club. More than 40 parents and children alike got involved to let it rip at the club’s Bunbury tournament at the weekend, ...

ADK Emotions NY prepares for 20th anniversary of Beyblade with archived epsiodes drop on its YouTube channel
Focused on exploring the two-decades rich history of Beyblade, ADK Emotions NY is embarking on a nostalgic journey back to the origins of the global phenomena. With weekly classic episode drops in ...

ADK Emotions NY Lets Rip with ‘Beyblade’ 20th Anniversary Plans
Japanese IP specialist ADK Emotions NY Inc. unveiled that iconic archived episodes from the global anime and toy franchise Beyblade have debuted on the brand’s official YouTube channel. The classic ...

Good News: From ESO's Rare 'space Butterfly' To Dog Taking Zoomies; Read Here
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captures image showing 'summertime' on Saturn and ESO’s Very Large Telescope captures rare 'space Butterfly; read here ...

Battle for the Beych - Beyblade Tournament at Centennial Park
Beybladers of all ages are welcome to join us in Centennial Park, near the playground, for a WBO (World Beyblade Organization) Beyblade tournament this weekend. Registration starts at 11am, round ...

Dog Loves To Take Zoomies Around The House, Owner Calls It 'beyblade'
Posted on July 31, the owner captioned the clip as “When your dog is a Beyblade and someone lets it RIP!” and has garnered over 13.0k upvotes.

Cartoon Network’s Beyblade Championship in Mumbai sees more than 1500 kids participate
15 May, 2006 - 10:00 AM IST | By indiantelevision.com Team KOLKATA: It’s been five years since award-winning British magician, Steven Frayne aka Dynamo, last worked his magic. Now, fully ...