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News for Beyblade

Let it rip: Beyblade Club Peel puts a new spin on an old toy favourite
While it seemed like the toy had been retired to the bottom shelves of kids' cupboards, the humble Beyblade is making a resurgence back into popular culture and fast becoming an international sport.

Kai Hiwatari, Beyblade, Absolute Anime
Kai is very important character in beyblade original series. He is one of the strongest beyblader in series. He is hard working beyblader, he very cold mind beyblader. Kai is a proud and a very ...

Battle for the Beych - Beyblade Tournament at Centennial Park
Beybladers of all ages are welcome to join us in Centennial Park, near the playground, for a WBO (World Beyblade Organization) Beyblade tournament this weekend. Registration starts at 11am, round ...

Beyblade: Evolution - Launch Trailer
Beyblade: Evolution is an exciting take on the Metal Saga television series that is developed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS.

Beyblade G Revolution 2003
1. Japanese Title2. Japanese Title3. Japanese Title4. Japanese Title5. Japanese Title6. Japanese Title7. Japanese Title8. Japanese Title9. Japanese Title10. Japanese ...

10 Best Beyblade Rare Beyblades
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Beyblade Metal Masters: Libra Departs for the Front!
Staying at the boutique Quinta da Bela Vista on a half board basis. Book by 31st January 2020 to receive a complimentary UK airport lounge included!^ ...

Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress Trailer
Join your friends and whip out your Beyblade! It's time for head-to-head Bey battles on the Wii... just don't call them "tops." ...

10 Best Beyblade Stadiums
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10 Worst Anime Games Ever Made (According To Metacritic)
Beyblade is easily one of the biggest and most egregious offenders when it comes to franchises releasing lazily-designed video games. The sheer number of horrible titles released under the Beyblade ...