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This is what it's like to negotiate your salary as a black woman—after going on 100 interviews in 8 months
On Equal Pay Day, equal pay activist Brittany Oliver writes about her experience going on 100 interviews in eight months: "While graduates who received their degrees in 2011 faced one of the worst job ...

Black men 5 times more likely to die from prostate cancer than white men
Black men may be up to five times more likely to die from prostate cancer than white men, a new study has found.

Jack Black Wins Self-Quarantine With Tenacious TikTok Dance
Welcome to the Jungle actor encourages fans to #StayAtHome during the coronavirus pandemic with an impressive TikTok debut. Watch!

Susan Rice claims Trump 'can't stomach strong black women' after confrontation with reporter
Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice suggested Monday that President Trump's recent confrontation with a black female reporter displayed his dislike for strong women in general and black women ...

The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: News, notes and listener Q & A
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Justice League Doesn't Stand a Chance Against an Angry Black Adam Says The Rock
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‘Utopia Falls,’ ‘Dawn’ Bosses on Black Creators Breaking Barriers in Genre Entertainment
When “Utopia Falls” creator R.T. Thorne pitched a sci-fi hip-hop series about a group of teens living in a dystopian future and battling in a performing arts competition called the Exemplar, he ...

Jack Black dances shirtless in cowboy hats and boots: 'Quarantine Dance'
In the post shared on Sunday, Black is seen shirtless, rocking a pair of black cowboy boots and a tan cowboy hat. Throughout the clip, the " Jumanji: The Next Level" actor shows off his impressive ...

Why We Should Support Black TikTokers Now More Than Ever
Social media has become a place of refuge, particularly for the Black community. And as the world shifts in response to COVID-19, the novel virus affecting hundreds of thousands worldwide, we’ve seen ...

Jack Black Makes His TikTok Debut as a Shirtless Dancing Cowboy
When he is needed most, Jack Black has joined the world of TikTok. As Americans continue to grapple with life during a pandemic, boredom has forced more celebrities to get creative on the ...