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News for Blackberry

BlackBerry's Jarvis fights car hackers, Nissan's XMotion is a 'fishy' concept
As the Detroit Auto Show cruises along, BlackBerry introduces a new cybersecurity software tool for automakers, Ford announces an $11 billion investment in electric vehicles and Nissan's far-out XMotion concept has a koi fish as its virtual assistant.

BlackBerry launches cybersecurity software for self-driving cars
(Reuters) - Canadian software maker BlackBerry Ltd on Monday launched a new cybersecurity software, which identifies vulnerabilities in programs used in self-driving cars. The product, called Blackberry Jarvis, is being marketed first to automakers - a ...

BlackBerry Launches Jarvis Platform, An 'Ideal' Automotive Solution
BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE: BB) introduced Jarvis, a cloud-based code analysis solution, at the North American International Auto Show Monday. Jarvis scans binary code — from any file size, type or architecture — and offers insights on how to improve the ...

BlackBerry launches cybersecurity product for driverless cars called Jarvis
BlackBerry has launched a cybersecurity software aimed at protecting driverless cars. The product which was released on Monday and is called Jarvis identifies vulnerabilities in software used in cars. Jarvis scans and delivers insights in minutes, a ...

Security Drives BlackBerry Ltd’s Success in Autonomous Cars
Bears still question the extent to which BlackBerry Ltd’s (NYSE: BB) QNX operating system will be used in autonomous cars. But QNX’s superior security credentials, along with history and common sense, indicate the operating system will be deployed in a ...

BlackBerry Introduces ‘Jarvis,’ a New Security Platform for Connected Cars
At the North American International Auto Show on Monday, BlackBerry CEO John Chen unveiled “Jarvis,” a new security platform for connected and autonomous cars. The software scans the cars’ inputs and outputs for both standard and manufacturer-defined ...

BlackBerry's IoT strategy begins with QNX and autos CEO says
At CES 2018, BlackBerry CEO John Chen outlined the company's strategy for IoT. The company will focus on the automotive market and its QNX platform first and then explore opportunities in healthcare, energy exploration, government IT, and other sectors.

Blackberry's John Chen marks Detroit auto show debut with launch of cybersecurity software
BlackBerry Ltd. CEO John Chen used his first appearance at the Detroit auto show on Monday to continue his push into the automotive market with the launch of a cybersecurity product that manages software systems in vehicles – a product he hopes will ...

Blackberry unveils Jarvis for self-driving and connected car security
Blackberry has launched an IT security software package for autonomous vehicles, called Jarvis. The software is intended to protect connected cars and self-driving vehicles from remote hijackings by hackers. Jarvis will be offered to car makers as a pay-as ...

BlackBerry exec warns against cybersecurity 'Band-Aid'
DETROIT -- Automakers and suppliers must make enhancing cybersecurity a key focus of their cultures if the connected, autonomous vehicles of the future are to be safe, the president of BlackBerry Technology Solutions said. Sandeep Chennakeshu, speaking ...