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Blood shortage hits Nashville
A blood shortage in the Nashville area reached such a crisis level that Vanderbilt University Medical Center deputy CEO Wright Pinson told employees their help was "urgently needed" in upcoming blood ...

City to offer blood lead testing Saturday for residents affected by fire fallout
Residents concerned about possibly having elevated lead levels in their blood because of the recent training fire fallout can get tested Saturday. The Bloomington Fire Department will conduct tests at ...

Blood on conch shell leads to cold case murder suspect. Man charged with slaying his sister 20 years ago
New Bedford cold case murder has been cracked, the Bristol County district attorney said on Thursday as police charged a 53-year-old man in connection with slaying a single mother.

Carlsen draws first blood against Nepomniachtchi in world title battle
Defending champion Magnus Carlsen ends run of five draws by beating Ian Nepomniachtchi in a marathon Game 6 in Dubai ...

New information may explain why the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine caused blood clots
AstraZeneca’s vaccine vector, which delivers coronavirus immunity instructions to human cells, sometimes binds to a protein in the blood.

Scientists identify reaction that may cause rare blood clots after AstraZeneca Covid vaccine
Scientists claim to have discovered a "potential mechanism" that triggers blood clots in some people who receive the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine.

Scientists find clues to what triggers rare blood clots in AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine
The rare but sometimes deadly clots led to pauses in the vaccine’s rollout last year in Europe, and had public health experts worried it could fuel hesitancy.

Covid: Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists
Scientists believe they have found "the trigger" that leads to extremely rare blood clots after the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. The team - in Cardiff and the US - have shown in exquisite detail ...

Scientists say they may have found the way AstraZeneca’s vaccine can cause rare blood clots.
The findings suggest that the problem is linked to the shot’s use of another, harmless virus to deliver information into human cells.

Head Trauma Patients on Blood Thinners Need Surveillance
Individuals on blood thinners such as clopidogrel and warfarin who experience head trauma may suffer delayed bleeding into the brain that at first may not be detected on imaging, a researcher reported ...

Covid: scientists find possible trigger for AstraZeneca jab blood clots
Experts hope better understanding of rare side effect of vaccine could help ‘turn the tide’ on pandemic ...