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Hummingbirds Are The Most Spectacularly Colorful Birds Of All
Instead of pigments, structural colors are produced by special proteins in the feather that reflect one particular color. Blue is one such structural plumage color because blue pigments are very rare ...

Back from the brink of extinction: The Spix’s macaws are returning to the wild
The Spix's macaw, one of the rarest birds in the world, is a small parrot with blue feathers. Illegal trade, hunting and the destruction of its natural habitat by agriculture and other animals ...

MA Bird watching: Look for Blue winged warblers dangling upside down in the shrubs
Blue winged warblers have a sharply pointed beak and bands of dark feathers over their eyes — the males have black eye bands while the females have eye bands that are more of a charcoal gray.

Brooklyn Blue Feather School
* Tuition and fees are listed for the highest grade offered and may have changed for the current school year. U.S. News and World Report began collecting tuition data in June of 2021 via the ...

Eggs Everywhere
At Audubon, we have been taking students out on the trails for the last few weeks. My group often ends up in a line of spruce trees, and underneath the trees the kids have discovered a spread of ...

Lizzo Shows Off Her Feathered Sleeves and Thigh-High Slit at the BET Awards
Lizzo proved her red carpet prowess yet again at the 2022 BET Awards. The “About Damn Time” singer arrived to the show in a Gucci gown and showed off every dazzling detail as the cameras snapped away.

Get cracking during egg season
At Audubon, we have been taking students out on the trails for the last few weeks. My group often ends up in a line of spruce trees, and underneath the trees the kids have discovered a spread of ...

Bette Howland, nearly forgotten, is now getting the notice she deserves
In 2015, Brigid Hughes, an editor at A Public Space, was browsing a sale rack at the Housing Works Bookstore in Manhattan when she came across a memoir called “W-3.” She was struck by the work’s ...

Lizzo Wore a Finger Wave Mullet to the 2022 BET Awards
We already had our eyes peeled for Lizzo the minute the 2022 BET Awards red carpet began. The pop singer isn't up for a nomination tonight, but she's set to perform at the ceremony.  By now, we ...

Eagle Feather introduced to convocation ceremonies as a symbol of U of T's commitment to reconciliation
Eagle Feather Bearers are nominated by their faculty or division ... takes part in a smudging ceremony with Fechtig – who wore a traditional ribbon skirt and a blue-and-white First Nations House stole ...

Birds of a feather flock together at G2G Animal Garden
So, if you’re looking to spend a day in a tranquil place away from the city in the company of animals, head over to G2G Animal Garden where you’ll meet some truly irresistible creatures such as birds, ...

The Duchess of Cambridge looks radiant in all-blue for special royal occasion
The Duchess of Cambridge wore a formal, all-blue ensemble to join the Queen and other senior royals an official event.