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News for Blue Jackets

Blue Jackets look ahead to 21st pick in NHL draft
The Blue Jackets likely won't draft a Hall of Famer when they take to the virtual podium on Oct. 6 to make their first draft pick of 2020 at No. 21 overall. Then again, they might. It has happened ...

Blue Jackets' Daniil Tarasov: Loaned to KHL club
Columbus loaned Tarasov to Salavat Yulaev Ufa of the KHL on Wednesday, Blue Jackets team reporter Jeff Svoboda reports. Tarasov spent the 2019-20 campaign with Assat of Finland's Liiga, posting a 2.72 ...

8 Blue Jackets All-Time Points-Per-Game Leaders
Eight players have averaged over 2/3 point-per-game while playing for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Read about them here.

Plenty of high marks on Blue Jackets’ season report card
It was the longest season in team history.The 2019-20 campaign was also important for the Blue Jackets, who lost a raft of key free agents on July 1, 2019, ...

Potential Blue Jackets’ Trade Partners: Edmonton Oilers
We continue our month-long look at potential Columbus Blue Jackets trading partners by looking at the Edmonton Oilers. Is there a match?

Michael Arace | Columbus Blue Jackets face decision on Josh Anderson
There is a chance Blue Jackets will sign right winger Josh Anderson to a long-term contract extension. How good a chance? Probably on par with the odds ...

2020 NHL Draft - Blue Jackets
Hello Jackets Fans! With the 2020 NHL playoffs soon concluding teams turn their attention to off season activities. While signing RFAs is the key task for the organization this se ...

Josh Anderson refocused on long-term extension with Blue Jackets
When Josh Anderson failed to return to the Blue Jackets lineup this postseason, as he continued to rehab from a major shoulder surgery this spring, it was fair to question whether he had already ...

Ohio State product Wolf reps Blue Jackets during U.S. Open run
CBJ sweater was a key part of tennis phenom J.J. Wolf's eye-catching performance while winning two matches at the major event.

Blue Jackets announce loans of Emil Bemstrom, Alexandre Texier, Veini Vehvilainen
The Columbus Blue Jackets have found a few landing spots for some of their most important young players. Emil Bemstrom will head to HIFK Helsinki, Alexandre Texier will return to KalPa and Veini ...

Ringing endorsement: Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen sings praises of new Panthers GM Bill Zito
When Jarmo Kekalainen was hired as Columbus Blue Jackets GM in 2013, one of the first calls he made was to his close friend Billy Zito. The rest, as they say, is history.

Blue Jackets' Alexandre Texier: Loaned to Finnish club
He'll begin the 2020-21 campaign overseas, but he'll undoubtedly be recalled ahead of the Jackets' training camp for next season.