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News for Board Games

Great family-friendly activities that think beyond the board game
Spending weekends inside with your family isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve exhausted your three go-to entertainment options: Movie nights, board games, and everyone retreating to separate ...

Board game designer picks 9 to play while you’re stuck at home
Game designer Nick Sibicky of Lynnwood, seen here next to a Go board, recommends eight board games to play during the quarantine. (Brian K. Allen) Since I’ve been stuck at home, I’ve been playing more ...

Dark Souls Board Game Announces Terrifying New Expansion
Steamforged Games has released a new expansion for their ever-popular, ever-terrifying board game version of Dark Souls.

Board Games Are Back, and These Nine Are Great for a Pandemic
Games are a great way to pass the time while stuck indoors. If you don’t want to jump on the recent craze of playing tic-tac-toe with your pets, gather some quarantine buddies for serious—and ...

'Send It!' Releases Online Version of its Mountain Bike Board Game
SEND IT!, the mountain biking board game that launched earlier this month, has released an online version of the game. Many of our backers expressed interest in an online version of the game that they ...

Nemesis Lockdown Is a Massive, Stand Alone Expansion to the Hit Board Game
Nemesis Lockdown is the new, stand-alone expansion to one of the highest-rated games on Board Game Geek. Awaken Realms’ Nemesis is a thrilling semi-cooperative board game that tosses you and your ...

MIT-trained designer takes another stab at digitizing board games
Blinks is the flagship product of Move38, a company founded by MIT-trained designer Jonathan Bobrow. At the core of the system is an unassuming plastic puck. There’s a rubbery button on one side and a ...

The Royal Family Is Forbidden to Play This Specific Board Game
Monopoly is strictly forbidden because, believe it or not, the royal family is like a lot of families and the real estate board game can get out of hand.

Funko's Back to the Future: Back in Time Board Game Is Up for Pre-Order
Funko acquired board game studio Prospero Hall (Disney Villainous, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, Bob Ross – Art of Chill and Choose Your Own Adventure – House of Danger) in 2019 as part of their ...

Ravensburger Announces Back To The Future Board Game
Ravensburger has announced plans to re-imagine the Back To The Future intellectual property in the form of one of their board games.

Buy this today: XCOM: The Board Game
Chimera Squad has reignited passions for all things XCOM, but did you know that it's been made into a board game?

Masters of the Universe is Getting a New Board Game
Masters was a part of most of our childhoods. People of a certain age know all about it. Simply saying, ‘I have the Power’ is automatically said in one’s mind a certain way because of it. Now, this ...