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Westwood Sisters' Bracelet Company Is a Great Place To #ShopSmall
This post was contributed by a community member. Sisco + Berluti has a strong altruistic arm. "Carolyn and I are very committed to using the company to contribute to charitable organizations.

Wearing A Bracelet Isn’t As Feminine As You Think; Here’s The Masculine Way To Do It
Bracelets and blokes. It’s a complex mix. But in the last couple of seasons, bracelets for men have taken off as a major trend. Especially, among those style aficionados (think Pitti Uomo, per favore) ...

Huawei executive offers to post $15M bail, wear electronic monitoring bracelet if released from jail
VANCOUVER — Huawei Technologies chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou offered to post the equivalent of $15 million bail and wear an electronic monitoring bracelet if she is released from a ...

Lawyer for Huawei exec proposes monitoring bracelet, 24-hour surveillance in bid for freedom
VANCOUVER—In an unusual move, a lawyer for the detained executive of a Chinese telecommunications giant brought an electronic monitoring bracelet to a Vancouver court as he argued for his client’s fre...

Enter to Win! A MyIntent Bracelet
Studies have shown that successful people have a habit of seeking clarity — asking how they want to improve, what’s most important, and how they can make a difference in the world. Celebrities ...

Fitness bracelet: How it works and what it’s for
Fitness bracelets have stopped improving and offering something new a long time ago. The last relatively big achievement was creation of bracelets with pulsometers. What are fitness trackers and smart ...

WSOP bracelet winner ’Minneapolis Jim’ Passes; Wakeman & Claus win WSOPC titles
Three pieces of news with a World Series of Poker theme after bracelet winner James ‘Minneapolis Jim” Meehan passes away, and World Series of Poker Circuit wins for Matt Wakeman and Pedro Claus.

Auction Stories: The Mystery of A Rare Belperron Bracelet Uncovered at Christie's
It was a week of storied jewels and pieces with celebrity provenance on the auction circuit. Earlier in the week, we reported on renowned dealer Edith Weber’s collection at Skinner Auctioneers. Jewels ...

Man arrested for breaches tracked by GPS bracelet
ONE of the first people in Tasmania to be fitted with an electronic monitoring device is in custody after breaching the conditions of a family violence order. Tasmania Police said the Sorell man, 19, ...

Christmas Advent Calendar with 22 Charms Bracelet and Necklace only $13.59
This Christmas Advent Calendar with 22 Charms, a Bracelet and a Necklace is only $13.59 with this Lightning Deal at Amazon right now! And, it arrives before Christmas! Description: From Dec 1 to Chris...

Huawei CFO asks for bail, promising to wear GPS bracelet
VANCOUVER (Reuters) -- A Canadian provincial court in Vancouver on Monday weighed whether to grant bail in an extradition case to a top executive of China's Huawei Technologies following her ...