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'Falling off a Cliff': Lebanon's Poor Borrow to Buy Bread
"We can no longer buy meat or chicken. The closest we get to them is in magazines and newspapers," said Dahn, 55, leafing through a supermarket brochure in his cramped apartment. Living in one of the ...

Toddler refuses to give up loaf of bread he is cuddling in adorable TikTok video
A very adorable, and concerned-looking tot was captured on camera by his mother hoarding a loaf of sliced sandwich bread and taking small nibbles out of the corners. The carb-loving toddler’s mom ...

Bread and Butter Ventures' Mary Grove and Steph Rich on going global from Minnesota
Bread and Butter Ventures is a reimagining of Brohl's venture capital group The Syndicate Fund. But for Grove and Rich, the firm is a big change. Grove was most recently a partner ...

This TikTok Of A Kid Holding And Eating An Entire Loaf Of Bread Is A Whole Mood
If you need further proof that carbs are comforting, there’s a video of a kid holding and eating an entire loaf of bread on TikTok. It’s an absolute mood, and the internet is hardcore relating to it.

Stop worrying about bread, nutritionists say — the toppings you put on your carbs are more likely to influence your weight
Good news, carb-lovers — you may not have to cut back on bread even if you're trying to lose weight, according to experts. "People have demonized carbs as one of the main things behind gaining weight ...

5 great bread slicers that will guarantee uniform sandwiches
Yes, bread slicers do exist -- and we're not just talking those bagel guillotines that effortlessly slide through even the most dense of bagels. No, these are bread slicers that will magically change ...

Bread knife man jailed for threatening neighbours
Partner sought help from the neighbours but he followed her with knife out saying ‘you know full well what I will do with it’.

Bread Maker Market Analysis Highlights the Impact of COVID-19 2020-2024 | The Increasing Number Of Product Launches to Augment Growth | Technavio
Technavio has been monitoring the bread maker market and it is poised to grow by $ 4.18 bn during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of over 6% during the forecast period. The report offers an ...

Bread Crumbs: Statues of Limitations
Statues are quickly disappearing from America’s landscape – sometimes removed by government officials, other times by unruly mobs. But statues are not the only forms of art falling in response ...

Sliced Bread Day activities begin July 3
Activities for Slice bread Day begin on July 3 with some lasting last until July 12. Two events are scheduled on Friday evening to kick-off the ...

Lynchburg's Daily Bread asks for volunteers
WDBJ7's Michael Alachnowicz reports ...

Lynchburg Daily Bread asks for more volunteers
We have not flattened our curve as far as food and hunger needs in the community,” said Tracey Dixon, Lynchburg Daily Bread executive director. Dixon says because of the pandemic, a staggering 75 ...