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News for Bridgeport

Smoke alarm alerts Bridgeport homeowner to basement fire
Around 3:30 a.m., fire units were dispatched to a reported structure fire on Memory Lane, said Scott Appleby, the city’s director of emergency communications and emergency management. The homeowner ...

Bridgeport officer’s family put COVID in his obituary hoping to save lives.
I need some help.’ The guy always went out of his way.” So his family decided O’Neill would also make a positive difference in death by ensuring the cause was not kept private but instead clearly ...

Man Tried To Burn Down Bridgeport Strip Club: Report
The son of former Mayor Mary Moran is facing charges after police said he attempted to burn down a strip club, according to The New Haven Register. Stephen Moran, son of 54, of Lake Avenue in Trumbull ...

Bridgeport official: Driver side-swiped 5 cars, hit tree
A driver was given a verbal warning after allegedly side-swiping five other vehicles before colliding with a tree.

Some key Bridgeport downtown projects moving slowly
When it comes to economic development, this city has gotten used to waiting to see if plans on paper become real, occupied buildings. John Guedes, who operates the city-based Primrose Companies ...

City parent, New York attorney picked as new Bridgeport school board member
With 13 candidates to chose from, the city school board chose Sosimo Fabian, a New York City attorney, to fill a one-year vacancy on the nine-member panel. The selection occurred after a two-hour ...

Armed robbery at Trumbull Mall jewelry store prompts police pursuit, hours-long standoff in Bridgeport
Bridgeport police are in a standoff with the suspect of an armed robbery of the Zales Jewelers at the Trumbull Mall after a brief police pursuit and crash.

Tractor-trailer spin-out closed lanes on I-95 in Bridgeport
BRIDGEPORT — A jackknifed tractor-trailer closed lanes on Interstate 95 south in the city for nearly an hour Monday morning. Police, firefighters and medics were dispatched to I-95 south in the area ...

Bridgeport woman hit by car, seriously injured in Fairfield
The woman suffered severe injuries when she was struck by near Fairfield Town Hall, remained in critical condition Sunday.

Suspect in Trumbull Mall jewelry store robbery surrenders to police after hours-long standoff in Bridgeport
After an hours-long standoff, the suspect of an armed robbery at the Trumbull Mall surrendered to officers at 1:11 a.m., said Bridgeport police.

Amigo Mobility, Bridgeport Manufacturing investing $3.3 million in Saginaw County
Plans for a new building and new equipment at the Amigo Mobility International Inc. headquarters in Bridgeport Township will mean a $3.3 million investment in Saginaw County manufacturing. Amigo ...

Prep football playoffs: Cabell Midland, Bridgeport advance in Class AAA as Berkeley County stays red
HUNTINGTON — Cabell Midland has not taken an in-game snap during the Class AAA postseason. Despite that, the Knights are moving on to the Class AAA semifinals after Saturday’s COVID-19 map did not ...