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News for Bridgeport

A change in Bridgeport’s Males of Color committee sparks controversy
A longstanding Bridgeport BOE committee focused on Males of Color will now be a standing committee on Educational Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

‘It is happening’: Fundraiser for Bridgeport shelter addresses sex trafficking
Rachel Lloyd, an advocate for trafficked and exploited women, spoke Tuesday at a virtual fundraiser for the Bridgeport-based Center for Family Justice.

Police: Man, 44, killed in Black Rock shooting marks 15th Bridgeport homicide of 2020
A man found slumped over the wheel after a crash in the city’s Black Rock neighborhood Thursday morning died from two gunshot wounds to the chest, according to police. Shortly after 8 a.m., police ...

Bridgeport PD investigate homicide after man found with gunshot wounds in car crash
Police are investigating a homicide after a man was found shot inside of a car that had crashed in Bridgeport on Wednesday morning.

1 shot in Bridgeport's Black Rock neighborhood
One person was injured in a shooting in the city’s Black Rock neighborhood Thursday morning, police said. Gunfire sent police units the area of Canfield Avenue and Fox Street around 8 a.m. Police said ...

Man Charged In Bridgeport Birthday Party Shooting
A man on supervised release for federal gun and drug convictions has been charged in another shooting, The Connecticut Post reported. George Sanchez, aka "Little G," 26, of Chamberlain Avenue was ...

Bridgeport Officers Buy, Deliver Bike to Boy After His Was Stolen
Bridgeport police school resource officers went out of their way to cheer up a little boy after his bike was stolen on Monday. Dispatchers received a call at 6:25 p.m. on Monday about two boys that ...

One residential student at University of Bridgeport tests positive for COVID-19
A student at the University of Bridgeport is in medical quarantine after they tested positive for COVID-19, the school reported Wednesday.

Bridgeport Hospital Brings Advanced Stroke Care Closer To Home
An enhanced Stroke Center will expand services for Fairfield County residents who can receive immediate on-site stroke care.

Bridgeport police officer charged with sexual assault ordered to stay away from girl
BRIDGEPORT — A veteran city police officer was ordered Monday to stay away from an 11-year-old girl who claims the officer repeatedly raped her. Police Sgt. Ivan Delgado, wearing a face mask, stood ...

Bridgeport police: Man in wheelchair hit by vehicle
Scott Appleby, director of the city’s emergency communications department, said a man in a wheelchair was hit at 3:39 p.m. He said the vehicle fled the scene. Appleby said the extent of the man’s ...

Cole spearheads Bridgeport’s single-wing offense
BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Bridgeport junior quarterback Cam Cole has been a major key to the early success of Bridgeport’s single-wing offense so far. Our Premier Bank Player of the Week rushed for ...