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Prince Harry returns to bury his grandfather — and, some hope, to heal rifts with the British royal family
Prince Harry is back. The grandson of Queen Elizabeth is “home,” as some put it, to attend the funeral of Prince Philip, the longest-serving consort in British history, who died “peacefully” on Friday ...

Shirley Williams, Liberal British Politician, Dies at 90
Shirley Williams, a trailblazing U.K. female lawmaker who tried to reshape a British political system dominated by two big parties, has died.

British & Irish Lions’ snub of England coaches sends a clear message
That’s not only players but coaches too. As Eddie Jones reflects in his autobiography: “I have for a long time wanted to coach the British & Irish Lions. I still hope that, one day, I might get the ...

The Great British Saturation Point: is the Bake Off recipe going stale?
All That Glitters, a jewellery-making version of Bake Off, is the latest to reapply the formula in unexpected ways. Here’s a quick guide to the best, and the worst, attempts ...

British Judo conducting investigation into coach arrests
British Judo is investigating a number of cases in which coaches have been arrested for sexual offences, the BBC has learned.

‘Minari’ star Yuh-Jung Youn jokingly thanks ‘snobbish’ British voters after winning BAFTA honor
Yuh-Jung Youn jokingly thanked the “snobbish” British voters after she won at the BAFTA Film Awards. The “Minari” star took home the honor for best supporting actress during Sunday’s ceremony. “Every ...

Sport-British events moved to avoid clash with Prince Philip's funeral
Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who had been by his wife's side throughout her 69-year reign, the longest in British history, died at Windsor Castle. English soccer's governing body, the Football ...

NI riots: British and Irish governments have been 'hands-off'
The Irish and British governments have demonstrated a "hands-off" approach to Northern Ireland down through the years, Michelle O'Neill has said. The deputy first minister said it is time for both ...

The Great British Art Tour: a crystalline cave to dazzle and unsettle
With public art collections closed we are bringing the art to you, exploring highlights from across the country in partnership with Art UK. Today’s pick: Anya Gallaccio’s The Light Pours Out Of Me, in ...

British churches hold services to remember Prince Philip and his spiritual curiosity
British churches held services Sunday to remember Prince Philip as a man with a strong personal faith and deep curiosity about others’ beliefs.

BBC Is Anti-British, Activists Say, as Britons Tune Out of Philip Coverage
A new movement has sprung up in the U.K. of people seeking to "Defund the BBC." An activist organization named just that has called the British Broadcasting Corporation "anti-British," seemingly in ...

Winners of the 2021 British Academy Film Awards
LONDON (AP) — Winners of the 2021 British Academy Film Awards, presented Sunday: Film — “Nomadland” British Film — “Promising Young Woman” Director — Chloe Zhao, “Nomadland” Actor — Anthony Hopkins, ...