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News for British

Queen Elizabeth back in the saddle as British lockdown eases
Britain's Queen Elizabeth was photographed riding a 14-year-old Fell pony in Windsor Home Park on Sunday as the country eases stringent measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

British couple: Dangerous Florida scorpion found in our bananas
A couple from England was shocked to discover a scorpion native to Florida hiding in a bunch of bananas purchased from a local grocery store. While the boyfriend and girlfriend said they initially ...

Elite sport to get exemptions from British quarantine rules: report
British quarantine rules are set to be relaxed for elite sport in a boost for soccer clubs in European competition and Formula One's plans for races at Silverstone, the Times reported on Sunday.

Southend High Street tells bleak story of British retail
Footfall on shopping streets was falling even before the coronavirus crisis hit ...

British tech firms could get state help to rival Huawei
Boris Johnson is examining options to boost state investment into domestic telecoms companies to help them compete in the 5G technology market, The Times understands.The proposal is part of a wider ...

Clacton-on-Sea: 'British common sense is saving us from Covid, not the government'
Sunbathers in seaside town adamant that if lockdown works, it won’t be because of confusing and ‘hypocritical’ official advice ...

British government approves large solar farm
The British government approved plans for an 880,000-panel solar park north of Kent, which would make it one of the largest in Europe and causing a divide among environmental groups.

Coronavirus: how will it affect British buyers moving to Spain?
Spain went into a state of emergency because of the pandemic, Ian and Sharman Wicks’s offer of €440,000 was accepted on a finca in the Andalusian hills. They gave their lawyer power of ...

British and Irish Lions: Murrayfield favourite to host home Test before South Africa tour
Murrayfield is the front-runner to stage a 'home' British and Irish Lions Test against Japan before next year's tour of South Africa.

Two British Scientific Advisers Warn It's Too Soon to Lift Lockdown
England risks losing control of the coronavirus pandemic again because it is starting to lift its lockdown without a fully operational track and trace programme in place, three senior scientific ...

Get in line: British shoppers set for lengthy waits as high streets reopen
Retailers, banks and cafés are grappling with a very British problem: whether shoppers can be relied on to queue patiently when high streets finally begin to emerge from hibernation over the next few ...

British scientific advisers warn it's too soon to lift lockdown
Isobel van Hagen and Associated Press Scientific advisers to the British government have warned that COVID-19 is still spreading too fast in the country to lift the lockdown which is set to ease next ...