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News for Bronte

'Lost' manuscripts of Charlotte Brontë to be published
The Brontë Society is marking its debut as a publisher with a title featuring two unpublished manuscripts by Charlotte Brontë, found in a book belonging to her mother. Written in the Jane Eyre author’s own hand, the 77-line poem and a 74-line story ...

Sam Burgess lists in Bondi Beach as ex-FFA chief Ben Buckley scores in Bronte
Some of the eastern suburbs’ biggest names in sport are reshuffling their real estate this week, including Rabbitohs forward Sam Burgess with $2.7 million hopes on his Bondi Beach pad. The star rugby league player has owned the two-bedroom spread with a ...

Charlotte Brontë and the long search for happiness
Although her friend and biographer Elizabeth Gaskell would eventually write of Bronte's "constitutional absence of hope", the young teacher clearly already had a firm sense of her own worth – an enterprising spirit and ambition, and a longing for her ...

Fire at Bronte Park Lodge
If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. The AFL's relentless course to national sporting pre-eminence has come at a cost, writes Richard Hinds. But fans still have hope thanks to a couple of fairytale flag wins. Terror Nullius ...

Bronte Capital Feb. Update: Gains On Medical Tech, Retail, And Mining Shorts
Bronte Capital Callisto Fund letter to partners for the month of February 2018. The Bronte Capital Callisto Fund L.P. is a global long/short fund targeting double-digit returns over the long term, advised by a performance orientated firm with a process and ...

Ageless beauty! Supermodel Helena Christensen, 49, flaunts her slender figure in a skimpy nude bikini while swimming at Bronte ocean pool in Sydney
She made her name as one of the 'magnificent seven' supermodels of the 1990s. And while she'll be celebrating her 50th birthday later this year, Helena Christensen proved she's still got what it takes to rock a skimpy bikini. Enjoying the last of ...

Catching Up with UCLA Water Polo’s Bronte Halligan
If UCLA is to capture its first NCAA women’s water polo title since Adam Krikorian left in 2009, it will be due to the efforts of players like Bronte Halligan. The sophomore from Sydney, Australia is a proven commodity as a member of the Stingers, the ...

SNAP: Brontë-sized notebooks on Valencia Street
Apparently, the Brontë siblings wrote their childhood stories in tiny notebooks so that the toy soldiers in their possession could read them. I looked at these on Valencia street and wondered how the Brontë’s could have possibly written them.