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News for Bronze

Lucy Bronze: England & Lyon defender's journey from pizzas to World Cups
Lucy Bronze has come a long way from cutting pizzas. The England defender has experienced a career of ups and downs on her way to winning 81 caps for her country and numerous trophies with Liverpool, ...

Mislabeled museum artifact is 5,000-year-old Bronze Age sword
A sword found regarded as a medieval antiquity was confirmed to be from the Bronze Age and about 5,000 years old, scholars in Italy announced.

Vote To Name Life-Size Bronze Giraffe That Will Be Dedicated At Children’s Sculpture Zoo
If you’re running out of fun things to do while you’re quarantined at home, here’s something to try — name the giraffe! This is a picture of the life-size bronze giraffe. (credit: CBS3) It will be ...

Lyon’s Lioness Lucy Bronze Voted BBC Women’s Footballer Of The Year
Europe's best footballer, Lucy Bronze has won the accolade of the BBC Women's Footballer of the Year for the second time.

After a royal appeal, UK museum says it's open to returning looted bronze to Benin
Parents around Australia are learning what it's like to home school their kids. Unlike traditional home schooling, where parents get some guidance but are responsible for pretty much everything, the ...

England & Lyon star Bronze beats Rapinoe & Miedema to BBC Women's Footballer of the Year award
After enjoying a memorable 12 months, the 28-year-old defender - who is currently in self-isolation - has been named the best player on the planet ...

Bronze gates stolen from Seattle's Washington Park Arboretum
Custom-made bronze gates that stood at the entrance to the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle since 1976 have been stolen, facility workers said. Arboretum curator Ray Larson said staff noticed the ...

Bronze medalist Murphy on Olympic postponement: ‘It was the best thing to do’
After collecting a bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics, Tri-Village High School alumnus Clayton Murphy was about to ramp things up in preparation for another possible appearance on the world’s ...

Hints from Heloise: Brass versus bronze
Michael, interesting question! Both brass and bronze are alloys. An alloy is a combination of two metals, usually put together to make a stronger metal. Brass is a combination of copper and zinc.

One of the Leading Recruitment Agencies in Pensacola, Express Employment Professionals, Earns Bronze Circle of Excellence Award
Pensacola, Fla. — Express Employment Professionals, one of the top recruitment agencies in Pensacola, earned the Bronze Circle of Excellence Award recently, according to Charles Bockwith, Pensacola ...

Delta and Richmond Ringette join forces to win bronze at U19 provincials
A hard-fought 4-2 semi-final loss to eventual champion Kelowna set the stage for the bronze medal game where Delta/Richmond defeated Vernon 5-2. “I know if we had all our players participating in this ...

What is The Bronze Star?
Can there be a higher honor as an American than to be awarded the bronze star medal? It truly is one of the greatest distinctions an armed service member can receive, and it is reserved for only the ...