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Why Jack Ma’s not China’s top billionaire and why Buffet doesn’t have to worry
One day you’re in, the other day you’re out. China’s billionaire rankings seem as stable as hydrogen. In 2017, Hui Ka Yan, founder of real estate developer China Evergrande Group, was the nation’s ...

Burwood One Shopping Centre: Discovery Fusion BBQ Buffet opens near Kmart
A new all-you-can-eat Asian fusion restaurant that allows diners to cook their own meals has opened in Burwood East.

High winds buffet California, raising wildfire danger and cutting power
Damaging Santa Ana winds are ramping up across California, with gusts above hurricane force (74 mph) expected. Wildfire risks are "critical" in parts of the state.

It's margarita o'clock in Puerto Morelos
The laid-back vibe and excellent food and drink at the new Margaritaville Island Reserve Riviera Cancun are just what's needed after 2020.

High surf, strong winds forecast to buffet Hawaiian islands over weekend
Surf remains below advisory levels for all Hawaii shores today, but new swells are expected to arrive Friday, and trades will ramp up over the next few days, becoming gusty over the weekend.

Who thinks it’s a good idea to trap and relocate a Danville backyard rat?
Rats, just like all wildlife, can’t be released into other areas. It’s bad for the animal and could spread diseases. Plus, are cats using the plumbing to communicate?

Should I chase the Ocado share price higher or listen to Warren Buffet and buy a tracker instead?
The Ocado share price has absolutely thrashed the FTSE 100 but this does not mean it will always outperform. I would invest in both.

Woman recreates Premier Inn breakfast buffet for her kids at home
Stacey Brooks, 35, from Newport, South Wales, created the spread for her children Megan, 17, Josh, nine, and Harry, seven. It included a cooked breakfast, cereals, pastries and jams.

Smyrna Event Center buffet reopens after monthslong hiatus
The buffet features multiple main entree choices, freshly prepared vegetables, a salad bar, made-from-scratch desserts and soft-serve ice cream.

Has the Red Apple Buffet closed permanently?
Has the Red Apple Buffet closed permanently?

Mum creates home Premier Inn buffet for kids who miss the hotel’s breakfasts
For 35-year-old Stacey Brooks’ kids, nothing has been found wanting more than the good old Premier Inn. The mum, from Newport, South Wales, noticed her three children needed a little lift, so decided ...