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News for Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens in Tampa hopes to reopen in mid June
Like many other Florida theme parks, Busch Gardens plans to reopen in June. Hillsborough County and Tampa Mayor Jane Castor have approved the park’s plan to reopen to employees June 10 and the general ...

Disney World, Universal, Busch Gardens Announce Reopening Dates
Disney World​ plans a July 11 reopening of the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and a July 15 reopening of Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

A drive down DoG Street, a ceremony at Busch Gardens part of graduation plan for WJCC schools
James City County Public Schools will ride down Duke of Gloucester Street and make a trip to Busch Gardens for this year's graduation.

Report: Busch Gardens, SeaWorld to reopen in Florida in June, Disney submitting reopening plans
Florida theme parks are set to reopen soon, and among them are the locations of SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. The CEO of the parks, Sergio Rivera, told Vice President Mike Pence that the locations plan ...

How and when will Walt Disney World reopen? Florida theme parks have a plan
The theme parks are coming back to life. Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens have announced their plans to reopen during the summer — and have passed the first hurdle toward allowing guests ...

Their Mobil station was set on fire. ‘We have no anger really.’
A couple that runs the Mobil gas station on Busch Boulevard returns to charred remains. TAMPA — When Tutu and Mosheda Hussain returned to their charred livelihood Sunday morning, helplessness had ...

Tampa, Hillsborough County approve Busch Gardens, Adventure Island reopening plans
Tampa Mayor Jane Castor sent a letter to Busch Gardens on Friday morning signing off on its reopening plans, a city spokeswoman said. The county gave its approval on Thursday; now the park awaits Gov.

Florida says Busch Gardens can begin reopening June 10
Busch Gardens can officially reopen. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, part of SeaWorld Entertainment, presented and got approved for its reopening plans on Thursday by Hillsborough County. Tampa Mayor Jane ...

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens coasters could be delayed until 2021 due to coronavirus closures
The Emperor dive coaster at SeaWorld San Diego, Ice Breaker quadruple launch coaster at SeaWorld Orlando, Iron Gwazi hybrid coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa and Pantheon multi-launch coaster at ...

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor approves Busch Gardens' plan to reopen
According to the city, Busch Gardens would reopen on June 10 for an employee appreciation day and on June 11 for the public.

WJCC Schools plans ‘historic’ for Class of 2020 with drive through CW; ceremony at Busch Gardens
Schools in Williamsburg and James City County are not letting the coronavirus pandemic stop the celebration of the Class of 2020. The school division is partnering ...

Tampa Bay leaders approve Busch Gardens’ plan to reopen on June 11
Physical barriers, ground markings and signs will be utilized to promote social distancing, according to the park’s plan for reopen.