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News for C-in2

Steven Klein Takes No Hairy Prisoners for C-in2
Steven Klein photographs a line-up of prison bitches sentenced to a thorough buffing and waxing for a new set of ads for underwear brand C-IN2. This is currently running on billboards on Chapel Street in Melbourne, Australia according to their website.

Men's briefs get cool as designers think outside the boxers for $20b market
Although underwear is relatively easy to make, brands "need to do something unique to get noticed", says Kleinmann, citing American brands 2xist and C-IN2, Canada's Garcon Model and the venerable Italian brand Diesel as industry leaders. The Underwear ...

Temple 'Big Brother' runner up plans on paying back his student loans
So if he's sidled with so much debt, why not return to his previous career as an underwear model for C-IN2? "I really don’t know. I got out of it. I had so much pride in the business degree I had, I didn’t want to do modeling, I wanted to have a career ...

Sarcon GR14A-50GY Thermal Interface Material offers thermal conductivity of 1.6 W/mK.
61° C•in2/W at 14.5 PSI. To improve material handling and ease of installation, Sarcon® GR-14A is available in your choice of three constructions: tacky surface, hardened surface or reinforced with nylon mesh. These special treatments can dramatically ...

Fancy Underwear Will Destroy Us All
The C-In2 Contour Pouch Brief with "profile-enhancing" Y-front. "Y" is for yuck. The Cin2 Bamboo Mesh Racer Brief, for the Tarzan in you. We beg you: do not allow yourself to be mesmerized by the perceived sexiness of these products. Think of the men.

Little-boy undies for big boys
C-IN2's Lo No Show Army Trunks look like grown-up versions of GI-Joe underwear. And from a company called Baskit comes snug briefs with a contrasting color pouch and seam detail that accentuates, well, a man's basket.

Men's Underwear Sales Show Bulge in the Economy
Fabrication has become more advanced, as well, with performance materials like in C-In2’s Grip featuring moisture-wicking properties to absorb sweat from the body and transfer it to the side of the fabric away from the skin. The emergence of more fashion ...

Undies crack the high-tech big time
In terms of added extras - or adding extra - one of the most interesting developments is the C-in2 brand, which promises to, how shall we put this, increase a man's profile, thanks to some internal design trickery that involves an elastic "sling".

Wonderbum: part of undie revolution or a Y-affront?
We have also seen a lot more players come into the market." The new players include top-selling New York brands C-IN2 and 2(x)ist, which both offer bulge-boosting "contour pouch" briefs and fashion-forward lines in soy and bamboo, and Melbourne brand ...

Men's underwear fashion
Manifesto's (emphasis on the 'man') spring/summer 2006 collection features low-cut, body-conscious styles from Private Structure, C-IN2, N2N Bodywear and DT Underwear. All four brands-from Malaysia, New York, Los Angeles, and Australia, respectively-are ...