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Man, LMPD officer involved in shooting near Norton Hospital identified, body camera footage released
Click to watch full coverage … LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – The identities of a man and Louisville Metro Police Department officer involved in a fatal shooting in downtown Louisville have been released.

Instant Camera For Kids Prints Photos on Rolls of Cheap Thermal Paper
Photography can be a fantastic creative outlet (and time-killer) for kids if you’ve got the right equipment. A camera they can’t easily break is a must, as is a way to easily print out their prized ...

The Best Camera Phones, Whether You’re an Apple Fan or Android Adherent
These days, the best camera is often the one in your pocket. No, we don’t mean that the camera in your phone will be able to do everything that a dedicated DSLR would, but it’s always on hand and can ...

Huawei P40 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL camera: Now this is getting interesting
The Pixel maintains detail in my beard and hair better, handles colors more naturally and even exposes the sky better. The P40 Pro is clearly relying on software too much with its front-facing camera ...

This EuFy home security camera kit is on sale for only $110 today only
If you’re looking for home security camera deals, Newegg has one of the best out there right now: An EufyCam E 1-Cam Home Security System Camera Kit for only $110 — down $150 from the usual $260. All ...

Couple reunited with holiday photos six years after dropping camera in Welsh river
A couple have been reunited with photos from a camera they lost in a river in Wales almost six years ago thanks to one man’s social media search. Alice Woods and Rob Davison lost their waterproof Fuji ...

How the coronavirus is impacting the camera industry
Major trade shows like Photokina and NAB have been canceled. New products have been delayed as factories have been forced to close. Even before the virus became a global pandemic, the camera industry ...

82-year-old Richmond Camera closing six of its seven stores and focusing on professional photofinishing lab
Richmond Camera survived the digital photography revolution and other changes that have disrupted its business since the company was founded in 1938.

Snapchat’s Snap Camera Will Make Your Video Calls More Exciting
And, perhaps most importantly, do we even need to do our makeup? Well, thankfully, with the help of a new Snapchat tool, we don't have to worry about that last one. Snap Camera is a new tool developed ...

How To Find Snapchat's Snap Camera Beauty Filters To "Do" Your Makeup With Zero Effort
For the latter query, Snapchat's Snap Camera beauty filters are your solution. Am I wasting my very expensive makeup and precious makeup wipes for 30 minutes to an hour of grainy screen time when no ...

Snapchat’s Snap Camera Is The Only Tool You Need to Look Flawless on Video Calls
And, perhaps most importantly, do we even need to do our makeup? Well, thankfully, with the help of a new Snapchat tool, we don't have to worry about that last one. Snap Camera is a new tool developed ...

Camera traps completed one of the most thorough surveys of African rainforest yet
That’s not even mentioning all the secretive species that are protected by thick vegetation or darkness. Camera traps have led a technological revolution in wildlife research, making it possible to ...