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News for Campbell

Visual arts | Math, engineering intersect with artist Connie Campbell's sculptures
The 11 sculptures by Dayton-based artist Connie Campbell form one of the more minimalist exhibits presented in recent years Downtown at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. But the relatively small ...

With CEO Varty's Departure, ServiceMaster and Terminix Are Without a Proper Rudder, Campbell Law PC Says
While the warning sirens are screaming "Iceberg!", the leadership at ServiceMaster Global Holdings, the parent of Terminix International, appear to be simply shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic – once ...

Campbell County leaders pursue funding for Timberlake Road improvements
"It's the busiest corridor within Campbell County," said Campbell County's deputy county administrator, Clifton Tweedy. "It's a commercial center, it's a residential area, and it's also a fairly busy ...

Joshuah Brian Campbell Got to ‘Thank’ Harriet Tubman After Oscar-Nominated Song Came Together
Not many people get to thank the inspiration for their greatest work to date — certainly not when they’ve been dead for over 100 years — but Joshuah Brian Campbell got that chance and it meant the ...

9 Displaced, 4 Units Burned In Campbell Apartment Fire
Firefighters from San Jose and Santa Clara County were dispatched at about 6:50 p.m. to an apartment fire in the 1000 block of West Hamilton Avenue. (Santa Clara County Fire Department) CAMPBELL, CA — ...

NWHL refutes Cassie Campbell-Pascall's 'absurd lies'
The NWHL statement accused Campbell-Pascall of trying to scare current players, and those considering the league in the future.

Leaders look to update parts of Timberlake Road in Campbell County
At times of the day when people are commuting to and from work, the corridor can get bottlenecked with traffic. The area is also no stranger to crashes.

ICYMI: Naomi Campbell Has A Cute New Haircut
A lot went on during Grammy weekend, which is why we almost missed Naomi Campbell’s drastic hair transformation. The supermodel was among the horde of people crowding Clive Davis’s swanky pre-Grammy ...

Lynchburg, Campbell power restored; outage blamed on person cutting tree
Campbell County previously reported a blown transmitter. However, Teresa Hall with Appalachian Power says the outage was the result of a person cutting down a tree, which fell on a transmission line.

Campbell: Two-alarm fire engulfs apartment unit
CAMPBELL – Firefighters on Monday evening battled a two-alarm fire at an apartment complex in Campbell, authorities said. The fire was reported on the 1000 block of Hamilton Avenue about 6:50 p.m., ...

Global Air and Water Heating Sensor Market 2020: Campbell Scientific, Carrier Corporation, SENSIT s.r.o., Convectronics, Danfoss
Avail a detailed research offering a comprehensive analysis of the developments, growth outlook, driving factors, and key players of the Air and Water Heating Sensor market in the latest research ...

Blown transformer leaves thousands without power in Lynchburg, Campbell County
Appalachian Power is reporting more than 5,000 outages in parts of Lynchburg and Campbell County. The outage was caused by a blown transformer. Estimated restoration time is approximately 5:30 p.m.