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12 Little Known Facts About The Deliciously Fruity HI-CHEW (Plus A Candy Cocktail Recipe!)
CHEW candy hails from Japan where it was created by Morinaga & Co., the country’s first modern candy company, in 1956. Read on to find out more on this fan-favorite candy!

The Cheesecake Factory Is Offering Free Slices of Its Candy-Themed Cheesecake in June
The Cheesecake Factory gets it and is here to make our free cheesecake dreams a reality. In honor of National Candy Month, the restaurant is giving out complimentary slices of its candy-themed ...

Lady Gaga and Blackpink's 'Sour Candy' Breaks Spotify and YouTube Records
Lady Gaga and Blackpink's new single “Sour Candy” broke streaming records during its debut on Thursday, May 28.

Puck Treasures: The Mario Lemieux candy bun
The Penguins legend was honored with his own candy bar after back-to-back Stanley Cup titles in the early 1990s.

Lady Gaga And Blackpink Release 'Sour Candy'
Ahead of tonight's highly-anticipated release of Lady Gaga's sixth-studio album, Chromatica, Lady Gaga and Blackpink have released their collaboration from the album, “Sour Candy'.

Whatchamacallit candy bar maker asking fans to help name its newest creation
The “Who’s on First” of candy bars is adding a new treat to its lineup -- but first, it needs a name. Whatchamacallit, owned by Hershey’s, is expanding its “wacky, crazy, crunchy, chewy” brand by ...

Angelica Ross (‘Pose’) on murdered trans women ‘getting their flowers’ through Candy [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]
Filming Season 2 of “Pose” was an extremely emotional experience for Angelica Ross. As the spitfire Candy Ferocity, Ross had to say goodbye to the series ...

K-Pop Superstar Baekhyun On His Sweet Solo Single "Candy" & Delightful Second Mini Album
The multi-talented artist from EXO and SuperM talks about the inspirations and goals behind Delight: "I wanted to showcase a variety of different sides that I have to myself." ...

BLACKPINK + Lady Gaga’s New Collab “Sour Candy” Sweeps iTunes Charts Across The Globe
BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga’s highly-anticipated collaboration is dominating iTunes charts all over the world! On May 28, a day before the release of her latest album “Chromatica,” Lady Gaga dropped her ...

Necco Wafers are returning! Here’s where you can buy the classic candy
Necco Wafers were introduced in 1847 and became very popular throughout the 20th century. Spangler said the product was widely eaten by World War II soldiers because it was portab ...

Oldest candy brand announces Necco Wafer return
This classic candy is making a comeback. They are called Necco Wafers, and it’s one of the oldest candy brands in existence. Thursday the Spangler Candy Company announced the flavored discs were ...

Lady Gaga And Blackpink’s ‘Sour Candy’ Debut Smashes Spotify And YouTube Records
Lady Gaga and Blackpink’s long-awaited collaboration “Sour Candy” shattered streaming records during its monstrous debut on Thursday (May 28). “Sour Candy” performed exceptionally on YouTube as well.