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News for Candy

World's largest Snickers bar is the size of 43,000 single-size candy bars put together
Bring on the sugar rush. This Snickers bar is a chocolate addict's fantasy -- and a health enthusiast's nightmare.

America's favorite Valentine's Day candy is back, but not without a few hiccups
Sweethearts conversation hearts are back on shelves after changes in its ownership led the brand to miss the holiday last year.

Teen YouTuber's $3 million L.A. mansion has its own '7-Eleven' room and candy bar–take a look
YouTube star JoJo Siwa filmed a house tour, revealing her personal touches to the home – including a foyer full of concert outfits in glass display cases, a wet bar turned candy bar and a merchandise ...

Century-old candy maker Dinstuhl's to open new Downtown Memphis shop
Dinstuhl's is coming home again. More than 40 years after leaving Downtown, the longtime Memphis candy shop is coming back to Main Street where its story started. "We're entering our 118th year in ...

In Other News: Demi Lovato in the Super Bowl, Sweetheart candy returns, meet your soulmate
Demi Lovato is singing the national anthem in the Super Bowl, Sweetheart candy is returning and most people believe in soulmates.

Candy crush for Taapsee Pannu and Hrithik Roshan
During her recent turn on TV chat show Pro Music Countdown, Taapsee Pannu, who is dating badminton player Mathias Boe, reiterated that she could never be in a relationship with someone from the ...

When I first met Markeevious I was his arm candy. What does a brother like that need arm...
When I first met Markeevious I was his arm candy. What does a brother like that need arm candy for? He's got the whole sweet shop.

The Umlauf x Sky Candy: Burlesque Ball
That takes place, please note, at the Sky Candy venue. Now, it’s quite an outlay for entertainment – good heavens, yes. It’s at least $500 for a ticket to partake of all this late-stage luxuriating ...

Charlie Gitto’s, Gioia’s Deli, Crown Candy Kitchen make list of Best Classic Restaurants in Mo.
The magazine highlights the legendary Italian food found at Gioia’s Deli and Charlie Gitto’s and also talks about the famous ice cream, BLT and candy found at Crown Candy Kitchen. The Missouri list ...

Cerabino: Sweet! Florida bill calls for official state candy
Florida doesn't have a state candy, at least not yet. That may soon change, because there's a bill filed in Tallahassee this session that calls for making "coconut patties, including both ...

Man charged with meth possession says it's 'candy of the gods' that 'fell from heaven,' La Crosse police say
A man was arrested in La Crosse Friday with what he called “candy from the gods” — and what La Crosse police say is methamphetamine. The La Crosse Police Department was called to the 900 block of ...