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News for Carnegie Pa

Local Politician Leads ‘Reopen Pennsylvania’ Rally Outside Rep. Anita Kulik’s Carnegie Office
"Reopen Pennsylvania" was the message of a rally held outside Democrat Anita Kulik's Carnegie office Thursday.

Livingstone secures second $500,000 grant for its historic Andrew Carnegie Library
But there are only two academic libraries that were allowed to use the donor’s first name: the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall in Carnegie. Pa., and Livingstone College. Livingstone’s ...

Carlynton School District Celebrates Its 2020 Graduates With ‘Cougar Caravan’
As commencement ceremonies have been canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, graduates from Junior-Senior High School were met by the 'Cougar Commencement Caravan' to celebrate their achievements.

State initiative funds research projects at CMU, Pitt and Robert Morris
These partnerships engage Pennsylvania’s educational facilities and the business sector across the commonwealth to position our state for continued manufacturing innovation and success.” ...

Enthusiastic Phil Davies remains determined to rebuild fallen Yorkshire Carnegie
YOU would imagine the combination of relegation from the Championship and the effects of the far less expected coronavirus may have dampened enthusiasm within Yorkshire Carnegie to continue revival ...

Western Pa. library systems work through the logistics of reopening
What?!? It’s a real book?!?” Delmont librarian Denni Grassel’s humorous exclamation in a video posted to YouTube (watch the video below) was the official signal that the Delmont Public Library will be ...

Cap Fed Best News: Topekan reflects on growing up in city, winning Pulitzer Prize with 'A Strange Loop' cast
Topeka-raised Antwayn Hopper's journey to Broadway has been one filled with guidance, love and determination. From choreographing dance numbers in middle ...

Strip District's Pizzeria Davide To Open Two New Locations
ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, PA - Pizzeria Davide — the Strip District-based sister restaurant of DiAnoia's Eatery will open its second location on June 16 in Robinson Town Centre. A third location in Carnegie ...

Vollmer sets new partnership with Burton Saw & Supply
Vollmer machines as well as spare part requests within the sawmill industry will now be quoted and sold through Burton Saw & Supply.

Carnegie Mellon tool automatically turns math into pictures
Some people look at an equation and see a bunch of numbers and symbols; others see beauty. Thanks to a new tool created at Carnegie Mellon University, anyone can now translate the abstractions of ...

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Partners with TikTok to Create Educational Videos
Carnegie Museum of Natural History announces a partnership with TikTok as part of the Creative Learning Fund, a program designed to populate the social media platform with accessible and educational ...

Topekan reflects on growing up in city, winning Pulitzer Prize with ’A Strange Loop’ cast
Topeka-raised Antwayn Hopper’s journey to Broadway has been one filled with guidance, love and determination.From choreographing dance numbers in ...