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News for Carnegie Pa

Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Natural History covers up controversial taxidermy display
The museum says the scene, which vividly depicts a lion attacking a man on a camel, has disturbed some because it depicts violence against an Arab.

Former resident helping to direct learning at Carnegie Mellon
Former South Lancaster resident Mei Ann Teo was recently appointed visiting professor of directing in The John Wells Directing ...

Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation Reminds Shareholders of Approaching Rights Offering Expiration
Pittsburgh Corporation (NYSE: AP) (the “Corporation” or “Ampco-Pittsburgh”) reminds its rights holders of upcoming deadlines and essential details of its previously announced rights offering. The ...

Carnegie Learning Acquires Scientific Learning Corp. in $15 Million Deal
Carnegie Learning, a Pittsburgh-based provider of print and digital educational materials for math and computer science, has acquired Scientific ...

Pittsburgh Performing Arts Organizations Getting Creative Amid Pandemic
Some local organizations are getting creative and producing live shows in new ways. KDKA's Kristine Sorensen has more.

Pandemic Spawns 'Infodemic' in Scientific Literature
The science community has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with such a flurry of research studies that it is hard for anyone to digest them all, underscoring a long-standing need to make scientific ...

Eligible Ambridge Area School District Families Can Get More Than 1 Year Of Free Internet Service
Some Ambridge Area School District students could get more than a year of free internet service. Eligible Ambridge Area School District Families Can Get More Than 1 Year Of Free Internet ServiceSome ...

Windber native receives promotion at Carnegie Mellon
Dabbs, daughter of Frank and Debbie Haines, Windber, has been named digital content manager for the marketing and communications division at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Carnegie Mellon Focuses on New Age Manufacturing
The Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) (MFI) is at the leading edge of this sweeping change. It focuses on “groundbreaking research in the digital transformation of manufacturing to accelerate ...

Coronavirus and college: Ohio State cancels spring break, Carnegie Mellon delays spring start
Schools across the U.S. are making adjustments to best cope with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Policies and procedures have been put in place at academic institutions to slow the spread of the ...