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News for Center

JCPenney is closing a logistics center in Kansas and cutting more than 200 jobs after disappointing holiday sales
JCPenney spokeswoman Kristen Bennett confirmed the closure and said other JCPenney businesses in the area will not be impacted.

Elderly Long Beach woman at center of legal battle over life support dies
The elderly Long Island woman at the center of a legal battle over life support between her two sons has died, according to a spokesman for Nassau County courts. Courts spokesman Dan Bagnuola on ...

Manafort Client Laid Foundation For Theory At Center Of Trump’s Pressure Campaign
One of Paul Manafort’s clients in Ukraine appears to have laid the foundation for theories of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election that are now at the heart of President Trump’s pressure ...

Hanna Dental Implant Center gave Kelli Griffith a smile to cheer about again
Hanna Dental is a cutting edge facility with a compassionate staff, with all services streamlined and offered in-house. Hanna Dental Implant Center has a special offer for Great Day viewers…receive 15 ...

Germany: Ugly anti-Semitic remnant at center of court battle
High on the wall of a German church where Martin Luther once preached, an ugly remnant of centuries of anti-Semitism is now at the center of a court battle. The so-called "Judensau," or "Jew pig," ...

Washington County considers moving Woodbury service center to future Gold Line
A popular service center for Washington County might be moving to a new site on the yet-to-be-built Gold Line bus route. If that happens, Woodbury might expand its Police Department into the vacated ...

Nike donates $5 million for athletic facility at Obama Presidential Center
Because it's a facility dedicated to President Obama, it should definitely get a basketball court. So Nike is giving millions for an entire athletic complex ...

Amid the backdrop of an Oscar-nominated ‘Little Women,’ Dallas Theater Center offers its own version
(Gerwig was, however, nominated for best adapted screenplay.) The revival of Little Women has ignited more than a little buzz in Dallas, where Dallas Theater Center will unveil a modern adaptation of ...

Photo Flash: First Look at Lincoln Center Theater/LCT3's THE HEADLANDS
Lincoln Center Theater/LCT3 will present the world premiere of The Headlands, a new play by Christopher Chen, directed by Knud Adams, which will begin performances Saturday, February 8 and run for six ...

Ex-youth center counselor's lawyer sees greed behind charges
CONCORD, N.H. -- An attorney for a man charged with repeatedly raping a teenage boy at New Hampshire's state-run youth detention center in the 1990s said Friday the allegations are motivated by ...

Marion Cheek Jackson Center
Members of the Marian Cheek Jackson Center discuss Chapel Hill's Civil Rights history, including the Chapel Hill Nine sit-in on February 28, 1960.

Looking for love in West Palm Beach? You may be picked for ’The Bachelor Live’ at the Kravis Center
"The Bachelor Live on Stage" comes to the Kravis Center on May 6. The show will feature one local bachelor being introduced to ten women who, through a series of games and delightful ...