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News for Center

Fox News Claims It’s Moving Toward the ‘Center.’ This Show Sure Isn’t.
Roy Rochlin/GettyAs Fox News attempts to figure out its place in a post-Trump media landscape, the network has claimed it is moving “center-right.” A laughable claim, critics say—one that is easily ...

Lincoln Center to emerge from pandemic with outdoor shows
Lincoln Center intends to emerge from the novel coronavirus pandemic by creating 10 outdoor stages for performances and rehearsals in New York City starting April 7 ...

Hungary’s Orban Poised to Pull Party From EU Center-Right Group
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban threatened to finalize the divorce between his Fidesz party and the European Union’s biggest political group after a long feud over democratic norms. The European ...

Armenian president refuses to fire armed forces chief at center of political crisis
Armenian President Armen Sarkissian refused to fire the head of the country's armed forces on Saturday, intensifying a standoff between Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and the army over what Pashinyan ...

Texans cut center Nick Martin; save $6.25 million in salary cap space
The Houston Texans announced Friday they have released starting center Nick Martin. The move will cost the Texans $2.5 million in dead money against the salary cap, but saves the team $6.25 million.

United Center to be Chicago mass vaccination site
The United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks will be used as a mass vaccination site capable of vaccinating up to 6,000 people a day. Vaccinations will take place in the arena's parking ...

New TCF Banking Center Opens on West Seven Mile in Detroit
TCF National Bank opened its newest banking center in Detroit, filling a gap in a neighborhood where the nearest bank is more than 3 miles away.

New Film & Media Training Center, the International Screen Institute, Launches at EFM
In a concerted bid to train the next generation of film and media industry professionals, a new training center, the International Screen Institute, has launched in Europe. The new non-profit org, ...

Bilia expands the number of brands through acquisitions of Porsche Center Malmö and Porsche Center Helsingborg
Bilia has today concluded an agreement to acquire an authorized Porsche dealer who conducts sales and service operations for Porsche cars at two facilities in southern Sweden, Porsche Center Malmö and ...

New Orleans Pelicans Increasing Smoothie King Center Attendance Capacity Helps Local Economy
The New Orleans Pelicans are trying to bring a sense of normalcy to the city by increasing the attendance capacity in the Smoothie King Center. The move will help stimulate the local economy while ...

Pineapples Are at the Center of Latest China-Taiwan Dispute
China surprised Taiwan with a move to block pineapple imports, stepping up economic pressure on President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration as it continues to spar with Beijing.

USC's Evan Mobley Named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Center of the Year Award Finalist
USC freshman Evan Mobley has been named a finalist to the. This award is presented in honor of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who played college basketball at UCLA and was the NBA all-time leader in nine ...