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News for Challenger

1972 Dodge Challenger on an M1009 CUCV military frame is YES
The subject of this post is cause for celebration, not reason to ask "But why?" We don't know why this random Craigslist seller chose to marry the body of a 1972 Dodge Challenger with the frame and ...

McConnell challenger on how Yang endorsement could help him
Mike Briohier, a Democrat challenging Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R), was endorsed by former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Mitch McConnell Challenger Says Senate Majority Leader is Running the U.S. 'Into the Ground'
Democrat Mike Broihier, 57, is an outsider in the race for the Senate seat, which pits McConnell against the Democrat frontrunner Amy McGrath.

Trump loyalist Lindsey Graham locked in dead heat with Democratic challenger in red South Carolina
A deep dive into this new poll reveals unnerving developments for Graham, who has bet his political future on Trump ...

Existing backers put another £40M into UK challenger bank Starling
Starling Bank, the U.K.-based challenger bank founded by banking veteran Anne Boden, has raised an additional £40 million in funding, TechCrunch has learned. The round is led by existing backers Harry ...

Aligned with "radical president," Susan Collins trails likely Democratic challenger by nine points
Conducted by nonpartisan Victory Geek, the poll had voters consider Collins versus Gideon and Betsy Sweet, an activist and political organizer also seeking the Democratic nomination for the Senate ...

Rep. Sue Helm faces challenger in GOP primary for Pa. House’s 104th district
Travis Stauffer, who describes himself as a born-again Christian, is challenging incumbent state Rep. Sue Helm in the Jun. 2 GOP primary.

Dividend Challenger Highlights: Week Of May 31
A weekly summary of dividend activity for Dividend Challengers. Companies which changed their dividends. Companies with upcoming ex-dividend dates. Companies wi ...

2021 Dodge Challenger ACR Is Being Benchmarked Against the Viper: Report
Dodge's ACR nameplate started on the Viper in 1999 and has only been bestowed on one other vehicle, the compact Neon sedan. ACR stands for American Cup Racer, and it's a trim level that represents the ...

Latest Challenger Doubts Mike Tyson: ‘He Smokes Weed’
Another former rival stepped out to challenge Mike Tyson to a rematch, and this one says Tyson's smoking habit might be his downfall.

Dodge Is Reportedly Planning a Challenger ACR With Viper Aero and Carbon Fiber
Allpar, citing a long-time source familiar with the project, reports work on an upcoming Challenger ACR is well underway, with the goal of approaching the same on-track performance as the ...

For Sale: Battle-Ready 1973 Dodge Challenger on a Military Truck Chassis
You can get a head start on that battle car price bubble by picking up a massive 4x4 1973 Dodge Challenger, for sale at close to $30,000 on Craigslist in Tuscon, Arizona. It's no show pony. Like a ...