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News for Challenger

‘Challenger’ banks are on track for a record year even as business model remains uncertain
Big investors are backing online banks more than than ever, betting that these upstarts’ low overhead and nimble technology stacks will let them keep grabbing customers from traditional financial inst ...

Lippert Components Subsidiary Completes Acquisition of Challenger Door
LCI Industries (NYSE: LCII) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lippert Components, Inc. (“LCI”), a supplier of a broad array of highly engineered components for the leading original ...

8x8 Named A Challenger in the New 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant For Contact Center As A Service
Inc. (NYSE: EGHT) today announced it has been named a Challenger in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service ...

Dividend Challenger Highlights: Week Of November 22
A weekly summary of dividend activity for Dividend Challengers. Companies which changed their dividends. Companies with upcoming ex-dividend dates. Companies with upcoming pay dates. I do much more ...

Bella is a new challenger bank with a text-based interface
Meet Bella, a new challenger bank launching on November 30th. The company is trying to differentiate itself with two distinctive features. First, you can interact with the app using keywords and text ...

Georgia Runoff Challenger Jon Ossoff Presses David Perdue on Debate Dodging: 'What Are You Scared of Senator?'
The Republican incumbent has declined further head-to-heads with the Democrat, as they face off in one of Georgia's runoff races.

‘Two people completely racist’: A poll challenger unleashed on Michigan Republicans when they attempted to stop vote certification
A Michigan entrepreneur’s heated public comment directed toward two Republicans on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers who had originally blocked the certification of votes in the Detroit area has ...

New challenger, challenge
Amazon, ready to take over another industry.

Manny Pacquiao Agrees To Fight Terence Crawford But Another Challenger Looms
Manny Pacquiao has accepted Terence Crawford’s challenge, but his team is still interested in fighting Mikey Garcia.

Pro-Europe Challenger Wins Moldova Presidency: Electoral Commission
European challenger Maia Sandu has won the second round of Moldova's presidential election and is well ahead of the pro-Russian incumbent with almost all ballots counted, according to the central ...

Republican Senator Loeffler to Debate Democratic Challenger Warnock in Georgia December 6
U.S. Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler has agreed to debate Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock in December, her spokesman said Tuesday, setting up a face-off in one of a pair of runoff races that ...