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News for Chanel

Chanel’s New Makeup Collection Is Inspired by Italy’s Most Underrated City
Think of Naples and you may think of cheesy pizza and Elena Ferrante. But the city serves as inspiration for Chanel Beauty’s new collection, Neapolis: New City. Yellow nail polish, red lipstick, and emerald eye shadow are part of the 23-product ...

Diane Kruger talks Oscar prospects at Chanel’s French film party
Chanel took over the majestic Petit Palais in Paris on Monday night for a cocktail and dinner celebrating rising French film talent, marking its first turn as official partner of the Césars, France’s equivalent of the Oscars. Marion Cotillard, Diane ...

Former Chanel CEO : These Are the Qualities of Truly Transformative Women Leaders
Maureen Chiquet, former Global CEO of Chanel, and author of Beyond the Label: Women, Leadership & Success on Our Own Terms, explains why women should stop feeling that they need to 'act like men' to become powerful business leaders.

Pharrell, Chanel and the Groundswell for Women’s Empowerment
HONG KONG — Good things come in threes, they say. After debuts in London and Seoul, Chanel’s Mademoiselle Prive exhibition arrived in Hong Kong Thursday feted with a party featuring Pharrell Williams, where the theme of the night, undeniably, was ...

Chanel Launched a New Millennial Pink Cushion Product, but It's Not What You Think
Chat with us on Facebook Messenger. Learn what's trending across POPSUGAR. We'll give you one guess at what the above Chanel product is . . . and not to be rude or anything, but your first instinct is probably wrong. It's OK — we also didn't know.

Smart Bets: Chanel Ali
Chanel Ali found her voice in the Philadelphia comedy scene, then moved to New York City for a new kind of challenge. Explaining her rationale for the change during an April 2017 set at Brooklyn’s Secret Loft, she recalls thinking, “Stand-up comedy is ...

Dana Chanel Defends Her Comments On Male Comedians Who Dress as Women [UPDATE]
Recently, popular social media personality and “Sprinkle of Jesus” CEO Dana Chanel made a statement against Black male comedians who dress in women’s clothing for laughs. Long story short, Chanel felt that comedians embodying negative stereotypes of ...

Park Shin-hye shines in Chanel at Hong Kong
Actress Park Shin-hye attended an event hosted by luxury brand Chanel in Hong Kong on Thursday. She wrote on social media after the event, “Watching the short film by Karl Lagerfeld, it was time to imagine what it would be like if she (Coco Chanel) was ...

Chanel West Coast Isn’t Effing With “Nobody” in the Video for Her New Single
“Baby keep on walking, I don’t f–k with nobody,” is a mood for 2018 and the time Chanel West Coast is on in her new single. Embedded from www.youtube.com. The Ridiculousness co-host/rapper has been working, chile and released the official music ...

Watch Chanel West Coast Explain Why She Doesn’t F W/ “Nobody” In New Video: “These B*tches Get Bodied Like It’s A Hobby”
Young Money affiliate and TV personality Chanel West Coast is coming through with new music courtesy of her “Nobody” single and music video. Kick back as the XXL Freshmen hopeful throws down bars and flashes her style below!