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News for Chanel

Virginie Viard, the Woman Behind Chanel’s New Chapter
She wants her work to be in the light, rather than her,” the model and music producer Caroline de Maigret says of Viard. “I find it so modern.

Chanel Makes Guyliner a Lot More Appealing with Boy de Chanel Eyeliner for Men
Hear the term "guyliner" and you might think that the only men who actually wear eyeliner are rock stars and drag queens. But times are changing, and men in makeup are becoming a lot more common. Now, ...

Nina Chanel Abney Imagines a Queer Black Utopia
The artist Nina Chanel Abney, photographed in her studio in Jersey City, New Jersey.Credit...Donavon Smallwood Supported by By Erica Rawles By the beginning of this year, the artist Nina Chanel ...

The Headliners: Hank Willis Thomas, Nina Chanel Abney and Nathaniel Mary Quinn
Hank Willis Thomas, Nina Chanel Abney and Nathaniel Mary Quinn joined Dorian May on a New York City rooftop to talk about disruption of the status quo in the art world.

EXCLUSIVE: Chanel Switches to Audience-Free Format for Next Show
CASTLE STYLE: Chanel will go ahead with its planned Métiers d’Art show at a château in France on Dec. 1, but there won’t be any guests in attendance. Instead, the brand will film the display ...

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Former Raven Torrey Smith, Wife Chanel Helping Revitalize West Baltimore's Hilton Rec Center
Former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith and his wife Chanel are helping revitalize a recreation center that was once a staple in west Baltimore.

Black Friday Handbag Deals (2020): Top COACH, Michael Kors, CHANEL & More Designer Handbag Savings Compiled by Consumer Walk
Here’s our list of all the latest handbag deals for Black Friday, including deals on Michael Kors, COACH, CHANEL & more luxury handbags ...

Meet Virginie Viard, The Woman Behind Chanel’s New Chapter
Virginie Viard, the quiet, creative force behind a stealthy reimagining of Chanel, may be a woman of few words, but she doesn’t mince them. Her conversation, as her friend the model and music producer ...