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News for Chanel

Chanel West Coast Settles Lawsuit Over Song ‘Sharon Stoned’
A lawsuit brought against MTV personality Chanel West Coast by Sharon Stone, alleging the aspiring rapper used the actress’ name and likeness without authorization in a song titled “Sharon Stoned,” ...

Chanel Miller on practicing mental health during a pandemic and learning to live with uncertainty
As it has for so many people, the coronavirus pandemic slammed the breaks on Chanel Miller’s plans. These days, the writer and advocate would have been traveling to Alaska and New Zealand, giving ...

Chanel shop on Newbury Street boarded up
Workers covered the windows of the Chanel store on Newbury Street with plywood Sunday, while a peaceful protest gathered on Boston Common less than a half mile away. One day earlier, similar action ...

LI's Dina Lohan and Chanel Omari launch new podcast
Long Island's Dina Lohan and Chanel Omari have launched the podcast "Listen to Me, The OG Mama D," interviewing the creators of the website Comments by Celebs in the inaugural episode. With a snippet ...

18 Ways To Wear Chanel’s Signature Tweed Jacket
There are things in fashion that never go out of style: jeans, a white shirt and a Chanel jacket.” Indeed, Chanel’s classic bouclé tweed jacket ranks highly on the wish lists of fashion’s elite. A ...

Know Your History: The CHANEL Jacket
Such is the case with a CHANEL jacket. Spring 2008 CHANEL Haute Couture show set Born from the desire to liberate women from the restrictive sartorial norms of the day (not the least among them, the ...

Why Ford, Chanel and other companies pitch in during a crisis – without the government ordering them to
Ford is assembling ventilators, LVMH is making hand sanitizer, and Chanel is making masks. Here's why these and dozens of other companies are doing it.

Coco Austin Shares A Kiss & Twins With Baby Girl Chanel, 4, In Matching Swimsuits — See Pic
Model Coco Austin posed for the sweetest snap with her lookalike daughter Chanel, whom she shares with longtime hubby Ice-T.

EXCLUSIVE: Chanel West Coast And Sharon Stone Beef SETTLED Over Drug-Fueled Song
Sharon Stone and Chanel West Coast have squashed their beef over the actresses' claims that rapper stole her image to make the song "Sharon Stoned." ...

Chanel West Coast's Bikini Body Has Fan 'Almost' Crashing Car
Chanel West Coast's bikini photos have been distracting people – perhaps too much. The 31-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star has been making headlines for her snatched body as she kicked off ...

Chanel and Louis Vuitton's 'tyranny' never ends
By Kim Jae-heun What does Chanel and Louis Vuitton have to do to keep its customers loyal here? Raise prices frequently, never notify them about it and make them wait to buy lefto ...

Why Companies like Ford and Even Chanel Are Pitching in to Fight Coronavirus (Without a Government Order)
Non-medical companies have voluntarily stepped up to shift their manufacturing might to produce health care supplies – including GM rival Ford.