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News for Chase

Chase Young’s draft pedigree raised expectations. He’s not reaching them — yet.
The No. 2 pick out of Ohio State is a good pro, a high-energy player, but, so far, not an impact star — or close to it.

Chase says Virginia Democrats 'hate white people' and want Richmond registrar out because she's white
Sen. Amanda Chase, a Republican candidate for governor, says Virginia's Democratic Party hates white people and that the party is seeking the Richmond voter registrar's ouster because she is white.

Dallas Chase Suspect Charged With Burglary, Evading Arrest
A suspect who led officers on a chase through Dallas on Friday in a stolen vehicle faces multiple charges, including burglary and evading arrest, police said.

Chase introduced a virtual assistant to its mobile banking app
The Chase Digital Assistant went live on the bank's mobile app earlier this week, allowing users to type out inquiries and commands.

Matchup against Chase Young shows what Bengals' rebuild is lacking
In the last two drafts, the Bengals addressed pass protection and found a QB. Now they must find a pass-rusher, the biggest missing piece on defense.

Police: man in stolen SUV injured after chase
Police in Virginia say a man suffered life-threatening injuries after ramming a stolen SUV into a state police vehicle before crashing. State Police said Saturday ...

Bristol De Mai sees off Clan Des Obeaux to win third Betfair Chase
Bristol De Mai produced a gritty performance to win the Betfair Chase, beating Clan Des Obeaux by two lengths with Lostintranslation, the favourite, another 45 lengths away in third ...

Washington football Week 11 preview: It’s No. 1 vs. No. 2 as Joe Burrow meets Chase Young
The top two picks in last spring's draft overlapped at Ohio State for one season and as Heisman Trophy finalists. On Sunday, they meet as opponents for the first time when Washington plays the ...

Chase Elliott championship celebration, touching words to fans
Chase Elliott was officially honored as the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series champion during the NASCAR Awards, thanking fans for their support.

Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher took Facebook viewers on a high-speed chase through St. Paul's East Side
In a statement Friday, Fletcher defended himelf and said that car thieves are emboldened because they think police won't chase them.

5 killed in police chase after mass prison break in Lebanon
Nearly 70 inmates broke out of a prison in Lebanon Saturday after smashing their cell doors and attacking prison guards, police said. According to a police statement, five ...