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News for Chase

JPMorgan Chase: Temporary Weakness Creates A Long-Term Opportunity
JP Morgan Chase has lost significant market value the first half of 2020. The aftermath of the coronavirus is requiring the bank to reserve $6.8 billion.

Chase Briscoe wins 2nd straight to complete dream weekend at Indy
The 25-year-old holds off AJ Allmendinger and Austin Cindric for the frantic few final laps to claim the checkered flag.

The Chase Is on With Any Name Associated With EV
Let's talk strategyAnything with the moniker EV is hot right nowOf course, I'm referring to electric vehiclesFor years, it was Tesla (TSLA) with some small scattered names in the groupNIO (NIO) hit ...

Chase Briscoe pulls away in final laps, wins Pennzoil 150 at The Brickyard
Jostling for position with just a few laps to go, Chase Briscoe pulled ahead of the pack at just the right time, claiming his fourth Xfinity Series win of the season. The Indiana native won at what he ...

Man found hiding in restaurant bathroom facing drug charges after chase in Spring area, deputies say
A man found hiding in a restaurant bathroom after being chased by officers over the weekend is out on bond, the Harris County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office announced Monday. Samuel Wilson, 31, is charged ...

Conversations With ‘The Nation’: Chase Iron Eyes, Takota Iron Eyes, and Madonna Thunder Hawk
Join Lakota Sioux activists in discussion with Nation contributing writer Zoë Carpenter for our weekly virtual series.

Patrick Mahomes tweets “here to stay” to chase “a dynasty”
The Chiefs won the Super Bowl in February. Patrick Mahomes agreed to a 10-year deal Monday, the richest in NFL history. It feels like this is just the start for Mahomes and the Chiefs as the ...

Chevy Chase Land Co. Hires New CEO From McCaffery
John Ziegenhein was named the new CEO of Chevy Chase Land Co., which is currently working on a 530-unit shopping center redevelopment in Chevy Chase.

Wingstop: Don't Chase The Stock Here
However, at a current price to sales multiple above 20, the valuation is no longer palatable, and the technical picture suggests that the stock is getting quite overbought. Based on this, I believe ...

High-speed car chase ends in Norwalk with a wreck and an arrest
Kline then took off in his car and a high-speed chase ensued at 10:24 a.m. Officers chased Kline south on Highway 28 into Norwalk where his car crashed at the Colonial Parkway intersection. No ...

Wanted man leads New Castle County Police on chase, crashes car
A man wanted for burglary led New Castle County officers on a chase Sunday morning that ended when he crashed his car in Pennsylvania, police said.

Swannanoa woman dies in Blue Ridge Parkway crash following police chase, officials say
An early morning accident left a woman dead on the Blue Ridge Parkway following a police chase, according to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office.