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Chevrolet released the first image of the 2023 Corvette Z06 ahead of the car's debut on October 26. Teaser videos confirmed the sound of a screaming flat-plan crank V-8 and 8,600 rpm redline.

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Pitching hard at the supercar crowd, Chevrolet wants to make sure you know the Corvette Z06 is here to rev. Start the timer: In 8600 minutes the 2023 ...

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Discontinued last year to make room for the Mach 1, the fabulous-sounding Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 tops 8,250 revolutions per minute from 5.2 liters and a flat-plane crankshaft. The Voodoo, however, ...

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We’re less than a week away from the unveiling of the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and the company is marking the occasion with a very specific teaser. Released exactly 8,600 minutes before the debut, ...

Chevy drops a new Corvette Z06 teaser ahead of next week's debut
We know that the C8 Corvette Z06 will be wildly different than its more pedestrian Stingray sibling, thanks to a wild-sounding flat-plane V8 engine -- a Corvette first. We also know that it's getting ...

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In today’s world, the Chevrolet Corvette split window is one of the most appreciated incarnations of America’s sports car, with custom garages constantly coming out with new interpretations of the ...