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News for China

United cancels flights to and from China as CDC steps up coronavirus screenings
United Airlines canceled two dozens U.S. flights to and from China, the carrier announced Tuesday, as American health authorities stepped up efforts to battle the fast-spreading coronavirus. The 24 ...

Cordoning the Coronavirus: Countries Limit Travel to China
With cases spiking in China and early signs of a spread outside Asia, Hong Kong severely cut back transportation to on the mainland. HONG KONG — Countries, cities and businesses across the globe ...

U.S. banks and tech firms tell employees to avoid traveling to China
Multinational firms ranging from Facebook to Goldman Sachs are trying to curb their employees' exposure to the spreading coronavirus by restricting travel to China, where the epidemic started, and ...

Market Players Wonder: Is China’s Coronavirus the Next Black Swan?
Global stock markets that swooned on Monday over worries about the spread of China’s deadly coronavirus nearly all rebounded on Tuesday, underscoring how investors are still trying to figure out just ...

UK advises against 'all but essential' travel to mainland China after virus outbreak
Britain on Tuesday advised against “all but essential” travel to mainland China due to the coronavirus outbreak. “The FCO continue to advise against all travel to Hubei Province, and now advise ...

Does China's Huawei really pose a threat to national security?
WASHINGTON — How big a risk does the Chinese company Huawei pose to the security of global communications networks? For the U.S. government, the answer is an unacceptable one. The Trump administration ...

These American brands have the biggest exposure to China's economy
Several major American companies with big investments in China are preparing themselves for potential disruption from the spread of the deadly Wuhan virus.

China's Hubei province, center of virus outbreak, confirms 25 new deaths
China’s Hubei province, center of a coronavirus outbreak that has spread throughout the country and overseas, on Wednesday said another 25 patients had died in the province as a result of the virus ...

Starbucks Closed Half of China Stores Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
The coffee chain said customers in the U.S. helped to drive up sales in its latest quarter, but it has closed more than half of its stores in China because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Harvard professor charged with hiding China ties
Charles Lieber, chair of the department of chemistry and chemical biology, was arrested at his office at the prestigious university Tuesday morning and charged with lying about his participation in ...

United Airlines suspends some flights between US and China as coronavirus spreads
United Airlines is temporarily reducing its schedule between the United States and three cities in China in light of the Wuhan virus.

United Airlines suspending flights to China as coronavirus outbreak continues
United Airlines is suspending some of its flights to China as coronavirus fears have led to a "decline in demand for travel" to the country. The virus has now killed more than 100 people and sickened ...