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News for China

‘Irresponsible’: Nasa chides China as rocket debris lands in Indian Ocean
US agency accuses Beijing of failing to meet expected standards regarding its space debris ...

China says most rocket debris burned up during reentry
China's space agency said a core segment of its biggest rocket reentered Earth’s atmosphere above the Maldives in the Indian Ocean and most of it burned up early Sunday. Harvard astrophysicist ...

China's out-of-control rocket lands on Earth
NASA has lambasted China for its failure to "meet responsible standards" after debris from its out-of-control Long March 5B rocket likely plunged into the Indian Ocean west of Maldives.

China says rocket debris landed in the Indian Ocean
Debris from a large Chinese rocket landed in the Indian Ocean on Sunday, according to the China Manned Space Engineering Office.

China to Create 'Line of Separation' at Everest Summit on COVID Fears
China will set up "a line of separation" at the summit of Mount Everest to prevent the mingling of climbers from COVID-hit Nepal and those ascending from the Tibetan side as a precautionary measure, ...

NASA slams China after rocket debris lands near Maldives for 'failing to meet responsible standards'
NASA rebuked China for failing to meet responsible spacefaring standards after remnants of the nation’s rogue Long March 5B rocket landed in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives early Sunday.

China Says Debris From Its Rocket Landed Near Maldives
Most of the debris burned up on re-entry Sunday morning, China said. The head of NASA accused it of “failing to meet responsible standards.” ...

Chinese rocket remnants re-enter atmosphere over Maldives, China reports
A huge piece of space junk made an uncontrolled re-entry back into Earth's atmosphere on Saturday night at 10:24 ET, according to China's space agency. The remnants of a rocket re-entered the ...

China rocket debris 'disintegrates over Indian Ocean' - Chinese media
Debris from a Chinese rocket that had been hurtling back towards Earth has disintegrated over the Indian Ocean, China says. The bulk of the rocket was destroyed during the re-entry, but parts landed ...

China says most of its Long March 5B rocket burned up during its reentry to Earth’s atmosphere
China's space agency says a core segment of its biggest rocket reentered Earth’s atmosphere above the Maldives and most of it has burned up.

Debris from China's Long March 5B crashes back to Earth in Indian Ocean
Debris from a rocket launched by China crashed back to Earth on Sunday, landing in the Indian Ocean, according to Chinese state media.Parts of t 5B rocket re-entered the atmosphere at 10:24 a.m.

Chinese rocket updates: Debris splashes down in Indian Ocean, China says
The rocket has reentered Earth's atmosphere and fell into the Indian ocean north of the Maldives at latitude 22.2, longitude 50.0, according to an update from Space-Track. Latest update, 11:45 p.m.: ...