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News for China

China Has New Man for Afghanistan and Plan to Avoid Civil War Across Border
China seeks to "avoid further expansion of the conflict in Afghanistan," "restart intra-Afghan negotiation as soon as possible to achieve political reconciliation," and "prevent all kinds of terrorist ...

'It was hard to breathe': China flood terror as subway submerged
As floodwater crashed through a busy subway system in China on Tuesday, desperate passengers tried to flee while others were swept helplessly off of platforms. In one train carriage, water seeped in ...

Eight inches in one hour: how a deadly downpour flooded Zhengzhou, China
At least 25 people were killed in subway cars amid devastating flooding that wrought havoc in eastern China on Tuesday. The city of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province and home to more than ten ...

WorldView: Severe flooding in China; Hostages freed in Nigeria
Massive flooding in China forces hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate. In Nigeria, 100 women and children who were taken hostage are freed. Haiti gets a new prime minister. And France ...

China Blasts Dam To Divert Massive Flooding That Has Killed At Least 25
Severe flooding overwhelmed the capital of Henan, one of China's most heavily populated provinces, trapping residents in the subway system and stranding them at schools, apartments and offices.

Rescue efforts launched after record floods in central China displace 1.2 million
The disaster was severe enough for Chinese leader Xi Jinping to order authorities to give top priority to people’s safety and property.

China Develops Drone That Can Fly Underwater
Researchers have noted a number of challenges in the concept, including the need for underwater communication technology.

Zhengzhou, China flooding: Deadly floods sweep Henan
Terrified subway passengers in central China were left clinging to ceiling handles inside flooded cars on Tuesday, trapped up to their necks in rising water, as record-breaking rains devastated parts ...

Veterinarian dies of rare Monkey B virus, the first documented human case in China
A 53-year-old veterinary surgeon in Beijing died after contracting the Monkey B virus, the first documented human case in China.

China: woman rescued from dangerous flood waters in Zhengzhou – video
Video footage shows the moment a woman was saved from floods in Zhengzhou after days of torrential rain and flooding hit Henan province, China ...

At least 25 dead as rains deluge central China's Henan province
At least 25 people have died in China's flood-stricken central province of Henan, a dozen of them in a subway line in its capital Zhengzhou, and more rains are forecast for the region.

In ‘Xiao Wu,’ a Wandering Pickpocket in the People’s China
Jia Zhangke’s debut feature, released in the United States in 1999 and newly restored, follows a nowhere man around his nowhere city in China.