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News for China

Biden’s C.I.A. Pick Warns of China and Russia at Amicable Confirmation Hearing
President Biden’s nominee to lead the C.I.A. pledged during his confirmation hearing on Wednesday to improve spying on China, warned of Russia’s ability to interfere with American affairs and promised ...

CIA nominee calls China an 'authoritarian adversary,' vows to intensify competition with Beijing
His confirmation is expected to easily pass with strong bipartisan support similar to the majority of Biden's national security team.

China Wants Your Data — And May Already Have It
When COVID hit, a Chinese firm offered to set up testing labs in the U.S., which could have given it access to DNA data. The U.S. says this is part of China's effort to collect mass data on Americans.

Look out Tesla, SAIC’s $4,500 electric car takes China by storm
On the showroom floor of a SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile dealership in Chongqing, a salesman enthusiastically recommended the Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV, an electric car that has quickly won over Chinese ...

Biden's CIA pick tells Senate confronting China will be his top priority
The Trump administration was accused of trying to politicize intelligence. Burns pledged to present unbiased findings to Biden and other policymakers.

China detains six people for 'insulting' soldiers killed in India border clash
China has detained at least six people for allegedly defaming four servicemen killed in a bloody border clash with India last June, as state media wages a propaganda campaign hailing the dead troops ...

CIA Nominee Burns Promises Spying Focus on China, Seeing ‘Adversarial, Predatory’ Regime
The veteran diplomat pledged to deliver bad news to policy makers, after senators note tumult of the Trump years.

Sinopharm unit, CanSinoBIO apply in China for COVID-19 vaccines' public use approval
A unit of China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm) and CanSino Biologics Inc (CanSinoBIO) have applied for public use of their COVID-19 vaccines in China, which if granted would mean China has ...

To Build Loyalty to China, Hong Kong Rewrites History
Through new lesson plans and expensive publishing projects, the government hopes to teach future generations a curated lesson about Hong Kong’s past.

For Covid-19 Vaccines, Latin America Turns to China and Russia
Instead of looking to the U.S. for help with vaccines, countries across Latin America are so far relying on Washington’s global rivals, China and Russia.

William Burns, Biden's CIA pick, vows "intensified focus" on competition with China
Burns, who would be the first career diplomat to lead the spy agency, appeared before senators for his confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

Hungary rolls out China's Sinopharm jab amid lagging trust
Doctors in Hungary have started administering a COVID-19 vaccine developed in China, making the country the first in the European Union to use a Chinese jab ...