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News for China

U.S. weighs limited options to deal with China over Hong Kong - WSJ
The United States is weighing restricted options to deal with China over its recent moves in Hong Kong, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, as tensions between Washington and Beijing heat up.

Trump Adviser Claims China Sent 'Weaponized Virus,' Calls Joe Biden the 'Candidate of the Chinese Communist Party'
White House adviser Peter Navarro claimed on Sunday that China sent a "weaponized virus" to target the U.S., while also referring to Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden as the "candidate of the ...

Iran and China Angle for Broad Partnership to Offset U.S. Pressure
Iran and China are seeking to cement a wide-ranging partnership that would deflect U.S. economic pressure and ease Tehran’s global isolation.

U.S. Citizens in China Risk 'Arbitrary' Arrests and 'Exit Bans,' State Department Warns
"Citizens may be subjected to prolonged interrogations and extended detention for reasons related to 'state security," the state department's warning read, issued to U.S. citizens this weekend.

Trump, Biden try to outdo each other on tough talk on China
China has fast become a top election issue as President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden engage in a verbal brawl over who's better at playing the tough guy ...

UK-China ties freeze with debate over Huawei, Hong Kong
Hostile rhetoric has ratcheted up in recent days over Beijing’s new national security law for Hong Kong. Britain’s decision to offer refuge to millions in the former colony was met with a stern ...

U.S. warns citizens of heightened detention risks in China
The U.S. State Department warned American citizens on Saturday to "exercise increased caution" in China due to heightened risk of arbitrary law enforcement including detention and a ban from exiting ...

To cool off U.S.-China tensions, let’s start with a truce on media access
You gave an important speech in Beijing on Thursday in which you attempted to halt the slide in U.S.-China relations. You declared that China did not want to see its relationship with the United ...

The Observer view on post-Brexit UK-China relations
Anger and alarm about China is mounting rapidly in government circles and especially among Tory rightwingers, anxious about national security, unfair trade practices and Hong Kong. It’s certainly true ...

Defying U.S., China and Iran Near Trade and Military Partnership
The investment and security pact would vastly extend China’s influence in the Middle East, throwing Iran an economic lifeline and creating new flash points with the United States.

China's CanSino in talks for COVID-19 vaccine Phase III trial overseas
Chinese vaccine developer CanSino Biologics is in talks with Russia, Brazil, Chile and Saudi Arabia to launch a Phase III trial of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine, its co-founder said on Saturday.

U.S. Weighs Limited Options to Punish China Over Hong Kong
As U.S. officials consider punishing China over its recent security law in Hong Kong, the city’s status as a global financial center limits the menu of effective levers available to Washington.