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Insane video emerges from Chinese waterpark
Millions online say they don't envy the revellers filmed squashed together at a waterpark in the Chinese city of Daqing over the weekend.

Pelosi says Chinese President Xi 'acts like a bully' with 'insecurities' as she defends Taiwan trip
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to acknowledge any part in China's aggressive response following her trip to Taiwan, as she criticized President Xi Jinping.

Top Chinese, South Korean diplomats pledge closer ties
The top South Korean and Chinese diplomats have pledged to develop closer relations and maintain stable industrial supply chains at a time of deepening rivalry between Beijing and Washington ...

Chinese Police Could Crush Solomon Islands Opposition
Report: Chinese Police Could Crush Solomon Islands Opposition Chinese Police Could Crush Solomon Islands O... | View Comments () Ever since China signed a security pact with the Solomon Islands in ...

Ban Chinese Communist land purchases in US now
The Chinese Communist Party has been buying up land, farms and homes in the U.S. for decdes, all to secure food and technology resources for themselves.

House Speaker Pelosi defends Taiwan trip, calls Chinese president 'a bully'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended her trip to Taiwan, despite China's aggressive response, calling Chinese President Xi Jinping "a scared bully" in her first interview since returning to Washington, ...

Analysis-More Chinese Women Delay or Give up on Having Babies After Zero-COVID Ordeal
Seeing Chinese authorities exercise extraordinary powers during a stringent COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai earlier this year altered Claire Jiang's life plans: she no longer wants to have babies in ...

Chinese Drills Are Rehearsal for Invasion, Says Taiwan as It Begins Live-Fire Military Exercises
Foreign Minister Joseph Wu spoke at a news conference in Taipei as Taiwan began live-fire military drills to test combat readiness in response to ongoing Chinese exercises that have included launching ...

U.S. accuses Chinese company of helping ZTE hide business with Iran
The U.S. Commerce Department on Tuesday accused Far East Cable, China's largest wire and cable manufacturer, of violating U.S. export controls related to shipments of telecommunications equipment to ...

War Game Finds U.S., Taiwan Can Defend Against a Chinese Invasion
A complex daylong war game, played out recently at a Washington think tank, demonstrated how destructive any attempted Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be across the Indo-Pacific.

Chinese company's rocket launches 3 satellites into orbit
Images on social media show that Galactic Energy of China lifted off successfully from the Jiaquan Satellite Launch Center.

Chinese city drops all home purchase restrictions to boost demand
Men work at a construction site of apartment buildings in Beijing, China, July 15, 2022. REUTERS/Thomas Peter/File Photo ...