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News for Chinese Checkers

China's Long Game for the Singapore Summit
While North Korea and the U.S. play a simple game of checkers, with characteristic stops and starts, the Chinese have an entirely different board game open in front of them -- the ancient game of Go. Go provides many more possible moves than even chess ...

Children receive trainings for acrobatics in east China's Jiangxi
Children play Chinese checkers at the dormitory in Jiangxi Vocational Academy of Art in Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi Province, May 27, 2018. A group of children, aged 7 to 14, receive trainings for acrobatics at Jiangxi Vocational Academy of Art.

Doklam: How India refused to play Chinese checkers, and won
NEW DELHI: The Doklam crisis was one of the toughest foreign policy challenges for India in recent times. The successful resolution of the over two-month-old stand-off on Bhutanese territory brought the two Asian powers back from the brink — if the ...

Chinese checkers
Trump must not count on China to get tough on the rocket man ANALYSIS/OPINION: President Trump still wants to call Xi Jinping a friend, but relations between Washington and Beijing have slipped in slow motion from tension to crisis. Mr. Xi got a brief ...

Hockey eves up for Chinese checkers
Seeking a World Cup berth, the Indian women’s hockey team will vie for top honours when it takes on China in the final of the women’s Asia Cup tomorrow. “We want to qualify for the World Cup next year by winning this tournament,” skipper Rani said.

DIY miniature board game: Chinese Checkers
Here we see how to make the perfect miniature Chinese Checkers board game for your Barbie, Monster High, and American Girl Dolls. Watch the step by step instructions on how to make your very own DIY miniature board game.

Chinese checkers: Beijing refuses to confirm support to Pakistan against India
China hopes India and Pakistan will resolve the Kashmir problem through dialogue. New Delhi: In a blow to Pakistan's belief that its all-weather friend China will stand by it, irrespective of the circumstances of the day, Beijing has rejected media ...

Chinese Checkers.
Oh, and the Hang Seng is having its best run in history. Full chart summary along with the requisite humor here: https://heisenbergreport.com/2018/01/10/chinese-checkers/

Playing Chinese Checkers
Some of you may have heard of the motoring brand MG - short for Morris Garage - established in 1924 by William Morris and Cecil Kimbers. Renowned for its 2-seat open sports cars, it also produced saloons and coupes. But much like other British marques, due ...