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Trump falsely claims North Korea has agreed to denuclearize, but will it ditch its ‘treasured sword’?
he wrote. The U.S. acknowledged earlier this month that the North said it is ready to discuss the denuclearization issue, but experts and observers say it is extremely unlikely that Pyongyang would give up its “treasured sword” in the near-term ...

China's National Sword to cut post-industrial plastic scrap
National Sword is a wide-ranging program aimed at reducing the importation ... The move is being framed in environmental terms by the Chinese government. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc., a trade group, reacted to the expanded ban April ...

SA recycling crisis: Waste industry seeks bailout and Adelaide councils warn of rate rises over ‘China Sword’ policy
“There has not been an issue as big or as critical as the China Sword impacting on the South Australian waste ... be subjected to the Liberals’ proposed rate capping policy. The Chinese Government’s decision to effectively ban the importation of ...

Chinese trade trensions: Fuyao cited as example on how it should work
President Donald Trump has directed his administration in recent weeks to explore how to impose new tariffs on about $150 billion of Chinese goods. “If the U.S. continues to act recklessly … we stand ready to show our sword, and fight to win this ...

WorldLink: Mightier than the sword
We meet the German bookstore owner who, with a little help from his customers, has successfully stopped far-right marches through Berlin’s Jewish quarter. Plus, how the Chinese authorities are tightening their grip on Hong Kong and its booksellers.

China's US debt holdings: Double-edged sword in trade war
but analysts warn both weapons could be double-edged swords. Donald Trump last month sparked fears of a potentially destabilising stand-off between the world's top two economies after threatening tariffs on Chinese imports, leading to warnings of tit-for ...

Jersey Shore Chinese School Participates in Holmdel Day
Dancers with beautiful Chinese costumes perform many folk-dances: Silk Road Dance, Whispering Flowers Dance, Long Sleeves Dance and Sword Dance. The visitors watch in awe as the dancers perform gracefully. Accompanied by intense music, the yo-yo team ...

Duterte spooks foreign investors with tax 'sword of Damocles'
"TRAIN 2 has become a sword of Damocles hanging over the head of PEZA and the ... In Beijing, Duterte announced a "separation" from the U.S. as he wooed Chinese investors. It was around that time that foreign investment pledges began to dwindle.

Kurrajong Recyclers' bottom line cut by China's National Sword policy
The National Sword policy, which came into effect on January 1 ... from $250 to $50 per tonne and cardboard had fallen by 17 per cent as a result of the Chinese decision. “According to the experts prices will remain low for a very long time and fees ...

Chinese animation Big Fish and Begonia is bizarre, beguiling
Fans of the genre will of course know that fantasy is much more than just a hinterland of bearded blokes whacking each other with enchanted swords somewhere between Middle-earth and Westeros. But it's fair to say that sword 'n' sorcery casts a long shadow ...