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News for Christmas

Out of season for Christmas carolers: Moreland Hills Police Blotter
MORELAND HILLS, Ohio -- Noise complaint, Chagrin Boulevard: A resident in the 35000 block reported shortly before 8:30 p.m. April 13 that three people were in his yard singing. The trio was located a short time later at the Sunoco station and given a ...

Farce 'Let's Kill Grandpa This Christmas' is no holiday
Black comedies don't get much broader or more cheerless than "Let's Kill Grandpa This Christmas," a low-budget tale of malice and murder played out by six singularly unlikable people. Writer-director-star Brian Gianci keeps a snappy pace, and his cast is ...

The Christmas Bullet Was The Worst Plane Ever Made
It was the worst military aircraft of all time. Developed by a man described as “the greatest charlatan ever to see his name associated with an airplane,” the Christmas Bullet was the rare kind of fighter which had a perfect kill ratio: it killed ...

Broncos at Raiders is Christmas Eve game
The NFL won’t have any Christmas Day games this season since Christmas falls on a Tuesday, but it does have a Christmas Eve game. The Monday night game in Week 16 is a dandy. The Raiders will host the Broncos, which should draw a lot of eyes with Jon ...

Christmas Unlimited receives donation to replace 60 stolen bikes
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Christmas Unlimited received a large donation Saturday after 60 bikes were stolen from their facility a few weeks ago. Nine southern Colorado Walmart stores came together to donate 60 new bikes. "We really wanted to reach out and ...

Christmas Eve with the Bush clan a fond memory for Westover resident
Christmas Eve with the Bush clan a fond memory for Westover resident Westover resident Tim Corbin, a retired U.S. Marine Corps major who, as commander of Marine Corps One, the presidential helicopter, once dined with the George H.W. Bush clan at Camp David.

Sister, widow of Christmas figurines mogul fight over $54M estate
In the end, it wasn’t a wonderful life for a Manhattan Christmas-ceramics mogul whose family is now sparring with his much younger husband over his $54 million fortune. A frail Edward Bazinet — who had made as much as $100 million peddling Snow Babies ...

Christmas check lands Winnemucca man in Elko jail
ELKO – A Winnemucca man was jailed Tuesday on charges of forging a check on a Texas bank account and depositing it in an Elko bank. Elko police were contacted by a woman from Texas whose bank cleared a $2,068.73 check bearing her account number.

Two men indicted for Christmas Eve murder; victim tailed for 2 miles before shooting
Syracuse, NY -- Two Syracuse men were indicted today for a murder on Christmas Eve that happened after the suspects following the victim by car for two miles before shooting him on the city's South Side. Rafael Jackson, 30, and Deyontay Smith, 21, were ...

The Huddle: Christmas in Action gears up for second Rockin' in the Barn
Christmas in Action will host the second annual Rockin' in the Barn starting at 7 p.m. May 4 at The Barn at Forevermore Farm in Moore. It's the group's signature fundraising event. The night will feature music by Back9, dancing, dinner and drinks, plus a ...