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the new type HG van is a homage to the never realized citroën type G prototype
G prototype with the new HG van the iconic citroën H van was produced between 1947-1981. originally developed as a simple front wheel van after the 2nd world war they continue to be extremely popular, ...

Citroen C1 Hatchback 1.0 VTi 72 Flair 5dr Lease Deals
The 1.0 VTi 72 Flair 5dr is part of the Citroen C1 range of supermini style petrol cars. With a BHP of around 72, manual transmission and around 85 (g/km) co 2 emissions, the Citroen C1 Hatchback 1.0 ...

Watch Citroën’s brilliant 1972 SM float from lowrider to high roller
YouTube/Jay Leno's GarageIt’s easy to praise a car for being a stand-out in a single category—horsepower, looks, handling—but a truly well-rounded automobile generates a particular magnetism.

Citroen Ami $7K plastic car's intended buyers: 14-year-old drivers
France's Citroen has a new vehicle it hopes will reach a market most major carmakers have not tapped - drivers as young as 14. The French automaker's tiny two-seater Citroen Ami vehicle is powered by ...

Modern Citroen DS rendered by automotive designer
The Citroën DS made its debut in 1955, with otherworldly looks and a host of breakthrough features. Now, one automotive designer has attempted to do a modern version of the DS, with dramatic results.

Citroen DS reimagined for the 21st century
A modern interpretation of the iconic Citroen DS has been rendered by South Korean designer Sang Won Lee, and the end result is stunning. The all-electric concept keeps the original essence of the ve ...

Citroen pitches car at TikTok generation
France's Citroen has a new vehicle it hopes will reach a market most major carmakers have not tapped - drivers as young as 14. The French automaker's tiny two-seater Citroen Ami vehicle is powered by ...

Automotive designer reimagines Citroen DS as a modern luxury saloon
The Citroen DS defined French luxury cars for decades as was a design icon that is still revered today as one of the most unique cars to ever reach production. The unique shape of the Citroen DS was ...

Citroen-supported electric rallycross car to debut in Latvia
The works-supported Citroen C3 ERX electric rallycross car, initially planned to race in the first Projekt E event during World Rallycross’ Swedish opening weekend, will make its debut in Latvia next ...

Citroen compact EV challenges VW ID3 on price
PARIS -- The full-electric version of the Citroen C4 compact hatchback will sell for 35,600 euros ($42,115) in France, the automaker said, as PSA Group prepares to offer a direct rival to the ...

Creative Works: including Citroën, PlayStation and This Girl Can
Welcome to The Drum’s Creative Works, in partnership with Adobe Stock, dedicated to showing the best creative work from around the globe.