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News for Clarinet

Musical Moment: Hear TSO Associate Principal Clarinet and E-flat Clarinet Eric Abramovitz
Moving to Montreal during the pandemic had certain advantages for Abramovitz like being able to ask his mother to accompany him when he decided to ...

Domino's delivery driver makes Washington Avenue storefront bloom
And away from Domino’s, Mutterer can be found playing the clarinet, singing at a baseball game, giving back to his community through service groups or lecturing about the American presidents ...

New York Philharmonic Principal Clarinet And Chicago Native Anthony McGill Delivers Streaming Concert
Continuing its series of impromptu livestreamed concerts in the wake of COVID-19, the University of Chicago Presents will welcome Anthony McGill, Chicago native and principal clarinet of the New York ...

A Clarinet, A Hashtag And A YouTube Video Add Up To A Powerful Call For Justice
The New York Philharmonic’s principal clarinetist — and Chatham native — Anthony McGill ignited a social media storm with his haunting tribute to George Floyd.

AKC Natarajan: A decades-old bridge between the clarinet and Carnatic music
Veteran musician AKC Natarajan, who modified and adapted the clarinet to Carnatic music, continues his tryst with music even beyond his 90th star birthday Clarinet exponent AKC (Aenjala Kuppusami ...

New York Philharmonic Clarinetist Takes Two Knees To Protest Racism
Clarinetist Anthony McGill posted a video of himself playing a mournful rendition of "America the Beautiful," then dropping to both knees and holding his clarinet behind his back. McGill ...

Michael Collins / Michael McHale review – sleek and stylish clarinet
The clarinet’s turn to shine in these online recitals brought familiar works sprinkled with rarities, such as Saint-Saëns’ Clarinet Sonata, in a finely balanced performance Andrew Clements ...

From Bach tributes to Bohemian Rhapsody, UBC prof's clarinet video project reaches across communities
Jose Franch-Ballester, an international clarinet soloist based in Vancouver, has been producing and posting videos of his performances of classics and contemporary music. “For many years ...

WiFi outside library enables woman to ace virtual clarinet recital
Eva Koll used the wireless internet connection at Friendswood Library to complete her online college music courses from Alvin Community College due to COVID-19 social distancing and quarantine ...

Unconventional and informal, driveway concerts fill a void
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra associate principal clarinet Diana Haskell leads an ensemble in Mozart's Clarinet Quintet. Thomas Jöstlein of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra plays the alphorn ...

The anatomy of a score: "Salome"
When the clarinet slithers up a disjointed scale at the outset of the piece, the curtain effectively goes up on twentieth-century music.” How did he do it? With lots of hard work, an incredible ...

North Harford graduate plans to pursue nursing career in hopes of helping others
Aleah Bikle’s high school experience was a whirlwind. She was the leader of the clarinet section for the marching band; she wrote for the school newspaper; she worked at a grocery store.