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Son of legendary wrestling coach, Brevin Balmeceda cast as villain on mat
HOMESTEAD, Fla. – For a time, the pressure of expectation must’ve felt like an anvil on Brevin Balmeceda’s back. “Because he’s my kid,” said Vic Balmeceda, the 12-time state champion wrestling coach at South Dade High (Homestead, Fla.

Alabama coach Nick Saban tours South Florida in recruiting helicopter
Nick Saban is coming off his sixth national championship with a team that had a number of contributors hailing from South Florida. The Alabama football coach is seeking out the next crop of budding stars from Broward and Palm Beach counties, showing up by ...

Coach of victim tells Nassar 'go to hell' during sentencing hearing
Thomas Brennan, a coach for former gymnast Gwen Anderson, had some choice words for ex-doctor Larry Nassar as he faces sentencing for first degree criminal sexual abuse charges against many of his former patients. "Go to hell." In a brief statement to the ...

Cowboys hire Sanjay Lal as receivers coach
The Cowboys have reached an agreement with Sanjay Lal to become the team’s wide receivers coach, according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. Lal replaces Derek Dooley, whose contract expired. Dooley left to become offensive coordinator at the ...

Fitbit Coach arrives on your TV with new Windows 10 and Xbox One apps
Now that FitStar's transition to Fitbit Coach is officially complete, Fitbit is expanding the devices that support its revamped personal training app. The company announced that the Fitbit Coach apps for Windows 10 and Xbox One devices will be available ...

Reily steps down as Burroughs football coach
There were many factors that inevitably led Mike Reily to an important decision. The Burroughs High football coach, who directed the Indians program for two seasons, made the decision to step down as coach. Reily said he spoke with Burroughs Principal ...

Titans’ Open Head Coach Position Is Frightening for the Giants and Cardinals
We still have time—eons in the NFL world—for all the power-keepers in this year’s coaching search to manipulate and distort the common sense view of how the remaining candidates and teams should pair off. But on Monday, when the Titans and head ...

Coach tells ex-USA gymnastics doctor Nassar in court to 'go to hell'
LANSING, Mich. (Reuters) - A coach who sent dozens of young girls for treatment to USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar, who pleaded guilty to molesting female athletes, told the disgraced physicians on Wednesday to “go to hell” for his crimes.

Report: Steelers OL coach Mike Munchak declines 2nd interview with Cardinals
Steelers OL coach Mike Munchak was a candidate for the Cardinals' head coaching job, but that's no longer the case According to ESPN, Munchak declined a second interview for the job and is out of the running With Munchak out, Patriots LB coach Brian Flores ...

Hornets coach Steve Clifford paid a price for his dedication. But there’s a payoff.
When John Fox coached the Carolina Panthers, I asked him how many hours he worked a week during the season. He needed a calculator. The job consumes. Coaching an NBA team consumes. What Charlotte Hornets’ coach Steve Clifford had to offer, he offered to ...