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News for Coach Handbags

Coach is bringing its previously ubiquitous logo back to collections and ad campaigns
At the peak of the logo craze in the 2000s, logo-bearing Coach products accounted for 70 percent of all handbags and accessories inventory, a massive overreach that resulted in brand dilution. Coach has been working to repair damage from its dip into ...

32 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Filson to Coach
Black Friday isn’t for another week, but the sales they are already a-comin’. Below, the already-great-deals we rounded up including a whole bunch of stately bags and down jackets, some Bang & Olufsen headphones, and a dachshund scarf. Photo ...

The Key Trends Shaping the Handbag Industry
Coach has a partnership with singer and actress Selena Gomez ... Chen writes of “the logo trend is sweeping the handbag market, led by strength in luxury logo product seen over recent months.” He discussed this resurgence with Tapestry’s management ...

PurseBlog Asks: What Single Accessory Do You Always Have to Have in Your Bag?
The mid-aughts were a big time for wristlets, pouches and small leather goods, and one such accessory was perfect for my needs and widely beloved among my contemporaries: the Coach Mini Skinny ... of questionably tidy handbags next to lint and uncapped ...

It’s in the bag at Westbeth Flea Market finale
It’s been three wild days (Nov. 11-13) of bargains and amazing finds at the annual Westbeth Flea Market. Think: Coach leather bags and Lands’ End and Ralph Lauren Polo coats and jackets all for $5. But, alas, all good things must come to an end.

Basketball coach, riding on team bus, comes upon crash involving his family
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High school coach loses job over racist tweets at NASCAR driver Darrell Wallace Jr.
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People Who Make San Antonio Great: Coach Jason Mata
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Golf coach quits after posting multiple racist Tweets at NASCAR driver
A Wisconsin high golf coach quit a day after posting multiple inflammatory and ... Can’t drive himself out of an open wet paper bag. Sad to see the sport let this clown with zero ability.” About 10 minutes later, Nottestad tweeted again: “Hey ...