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Concentration and chemical form of dietary zinc shape the porcine colon microbiome, its functional capacity and antibiotic resistance gene repertoire
Despite a well-documented effect of high dietary zinc oxide on the pig intestinal microbiota composition less is it yet known about changes in microbial functional properties or the effect of organic ...

Reds' Christian Colon: Back in lineup
Colon was scratched from Monday's lineup to make room for Joey Votto (illness), but he'll rejoin the starting nine as the designated hitter after Nick Senzel was scratched with a sprained left ring ...

Streetlights may raise risks for colon cancer
Cities around the world are increasingly turning to streetlights emitting so-called "blue light," and it's also common in smartphones, laptops and tablets. Now, a study hints that excess exposure to ...

2x Teenage Colon Cancer Survivor Writes Memoir to Inspire Girls and their Parents
Most people wouldn't attempt to write a memoir before age 40, but Danielle Ripley-Burgess is not like most people. And while her diagnosis of colon cancer at ages 17 and 25 often headline the survivor ...

The best colon cleanse system of 2020
Some of the body's most important work takes place in one of the least talked-about locations: the colon. A healthy colon helps the body absorb nutrients from the foods we eat. It also helps eliminate ...

WXYT-F (97.1 The Ticket)/Detroit's Jamie Samuelsen Dies After Battle With Colon Cancer
DETROIT morning "JAMIE & STONEY" co-host JAMIE SAMUELSEN has passed away, five days after announcing to his listeners that he had been battling colon cancer for the past 19 months (NET NEWS 7/28).

Jamie Samuelsen shares with world his colon cancer story: 'The outpouring has been really sweet'
Why did Jamie Samuelsen remain quiet about his battle with cancer, only sharing with family, close friends and co-workers? To protect his kids.

Bacteria that causes tooth decay might also help colon cancer spread
The bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay might also help colon cancer spread to other organs in the body, according to a study published Tuesday by the journal Science Signaling.

Cincinnati Reds add Matt Davidson, Christian Colón to Opening Day 30-man roster
After the Cincinnati Reds played their final exhibition game against the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday, Christian Colón was called into the manager’s office. After Colón closed the door, he sat down in ...

50-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing Onell Colon in Boston is caught in California, police say
A 50-year-old man who was wanted on a murder charge in connection with the July 3 fatal stabbing of 36-year-old Onell Colon in Dorchester was caught in California on Friday. Boston police said Anthony ...

Jamie Samuelsen, longtime Detroit sports radio host at 97.1, battling colon cancer
Here's what the co-host of the Jamie & Stoney Show said about his nearly two-year cancer battle, which he just revealed to listeners.

Reds' Christian Colon: Scratched from lineup
Colon was scratched from the lineup Monday against the Indians. Colon was initially slated to play first base in the Reds' series opener against Cleveland, but he'll take a seat after Joey Votto ...