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News for Colorado

How many people have recovered from the coronavirus? Colorado says it can’t yet answer that question.
As positive cases and deaths connected to the novel coronavirus continue to mount, one statistic has remained unaccounted for in Colorado’s daily COVID-19 updates: the number of recovered ...

Funeral directors in Colorado adapt to COVID-19
As Colorado orders have banned groups larger than 10 people, funeral directors have had to use new strategies to help families grieve. Much like we all are, they’re going digital. “They are meeting ...

Colorado reports 18 additional coronavirus deaths as confirmed cases approach 3,000
There have now been at least 69 deaths in the state related to COVID-19, the highly infectious respiratory illness caused by the virus, and 509 people hospitalized. Health officials have also ...

Colorado Business Optimism Hits Historic Low: Report
Optimism among Colorado business leaders has dropped to a historic low amid the new coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report.

New Northern Colorado COVID-19 Fund distributes first $200K of funds
The newly established Northern Colorado COVID-19 Fund has already started distributing funds to nonprofits. Fifteen human services groups focused on food insecurity, child care needs, housing and ...

A Colorado Bridge Tournament Has Become A Coronavirus Nightmare With Four Dead And Dozens Hospitalized
Jeffrey Rapp in his element at the Colorado Springs Bridge Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was a tournament for what they call 299ers — relative newcomers — and Rapp was the computer ...

Colorado Woman, 96, Released From Hospital Following Coronavirus Diagnosis: 'It's A Miracle'
It is the first potential recovery case in Denver, which has seen six deaths from the COVID-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Colorado Woman with Coronavirus Will Have to Carry Oxygen For Couple of Months
Although a 27-year-old Vail woman no longer has coronavirus, she says she will still be recovering for months.

‘There’s some Corona for you.’ Woman spits on cop after crash, Colorado police say
A woman who crashed into four parked cars Sunday morning spit on a Colorado police officer and told him, “There’s some Corona for you, now all you need is a lime,” The Denver Post says. Arvada police ...

Colorado nurse contracts coronavirus: 'A lot of my friends are nurses at the hospital and they're very worried'
A Colorado nurse, who contracted COVID-19, told Fox News on Sunday that a lot of her friends are nurses “and they’re very worried” about running out of personal protective equipment amid the ...

Moose Euthanized After Attacking Colorado Woman Who Tried to Move It Away From Street Outside Her Home
Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has confirmed the victim, who has not been named, attempted to move the animal from the street in front of her home so a car could pass just before the incident.

Colorado gun dealers can sell firearms without completed background checks due to state’s massive backlog
Before the coronavirus outbreak, it usually took the Colorado Bureau of Investigation eight minutes to process a firearms background check. But now, because of the surge in ...