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News for Combine

Planet Fitness, O2 Fitness, Crunch and Orangetheory combine to lay out detailed plan for reopening
A new 14-step, 53-point plan was put together by a combination of popular gym chains including O2 Fitness, Crunch, Orangetheory Fitness and True Fit Gym over Memorial Day weekend to prepare for their ...

Nationals’ rings combine glitz with key mantras of 2019
They won’t get to try them on for real until some undetermined date, but the Nationals finally got a chance to see what their World ...

Online remembrances combine with real crowds at parks and beaches
It was a virtual Memorial Day Monday, with a Bay Area ravaged by the coronavirus replacing the in-person parades and cemetery services with videos and online commemorations of those who have given ...

Man suspected of driving while high crashes into back of farming combine
A man suspected of driving while high was injured and arrested Tuesday when he crashed into the back of a farming combine while speeding through rural Calhoun County, police said. Officers were called ...

Warriors await NBA to reschedule draft lottery, combine
Since the NBA season was suspended on March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic, league operations have been at a standstill. Not only were games postponed indefinitely, the NBA draft lottery and ...

TruGraf & TRAC Combine to Deliver the Most Comprehensive, Noninvasive Kidney Rejection Diagnostics
PRNewswire/ -- Transplant Genomics, Inc. ("TGI") and Viracor announce the first available results from combining TruGraf® and TRAC™, which will be ...

Combine Bluetooth portability with a gaming headset in the HyperX Cloud Mix on sale for $130
Includes 40mm dual-chamber drivers for hi-res audio, a flexible detachable boom mic for communicating while gaming, and Bluetooth with a 20-hour battery life for portability. Go wired for gaming so ...

Mars and romance combine in Omaha Playhouse's online pizza production
You can order pizza or a gourmet meal to eat while you watch "One Way to Mars," a new production by Tim and Mallory Vallier, on the Omaha Community Playhouse website. Omahan Tim Vallier wrote “One Way ...

Microsoft to combine Windows 10 IoT Core and IoT Enterprise in 2021
Microsoft is making a lot of feature and packaging changes to its Windows 10 IoT line-up over the next year. Here's what's planned between now and 2021.

Richland Co. to combine about 70 polling locations for June primaries due to COVID-19 staffing issues
The interim elections director says the lack of poll workers is making it difficult to open all the County's regular polling locations.

Rusagro employs autonomous combine fleet for bumper Russian harvest
AI development company Cognitive Technologies installed its self-driving systems into combine harvesters operated by Russia's largest agro holding company. The pilot proved successful, and the ...

How to Combine Elliott Waves with Candlesticks
Both Elliott waves and candlesticks are popular methods of technical market analysis. And you can combine them, for better results. In this short clip, watch as our Commodity Junctures editor Jeffrey ...